Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend, Part 2

Aaaand we're back.  Saturday was great, extremely low-key and relaxing.  Ben and I took morning naps while Thomas figured out our financial situation.  Yay for Thomas!  I'm really grateful I'm not the money person in charge, it's a lot of pressure.  Very thankful for my finance/econ major husband.

We (or really I) had planned on going to the pool this afternoon, but Benjamin went down for a nap at 2, then woke up again at 3.  Then got super fussy and went down at 4 until 5:30.  Poor baby, he's a mess.  I think it's the teething more than anything else.  Looking forward to that being over, whenever that will be.  We ended up just hanging at the house and playing on phones and the computer.  Thomas walked to a nearby grocery store to get some bananas and bread, just basic stuff while I stayed home with Ben.  I watched the trailer for "The Master", Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.  Looks awesome!  Evidently movies here are very expensive, so that might need to be a splurge.

After dinner, which was pita and hummus (did I mention I'm not a cook?) we went for a little walk around the neighborhood.  It was nice to get out and walk around, the weather felt good and we went by a little community park.  No grass, of course, and there's usually some litter everywhere, but it's cute.  No toddler/baby swings, though. 

Here are some pictures, Ben enjoying the pillow on the floor, reading a book with daddy, and then our walk around the 'hood.  Notice the gargantuan height difference in the sidewalk to the street.  Must have been ten inches.  I'm really regretting not having bought a more off-road type stroller.

After we got back Benjamin was super fussy again, so we packed him up for bed a little early.  Since he's waking up at 7am anyway, might as well.  Tomorrow I'll need to really wake up and get going, since Emy will be here at 9am.  The plan is for her to meet Ben again and play a little, then I'll leave for my class and eat lunch with Thomas at the embassy (yay!) and then I'll head home.  I think Benjamin will take a nap, so maybe she'll be able to get a little cleaning done.  That would be the best case scenario.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight we're just stretched out on the couch, maybe we'll watch something on Netflix.  I'm still not used to Sunday being the start of the work week, but I did enjoy having church first thing on Friday.  And maybe we'll get our residency cards this week and be able to drive the van.  That would be amazing, then we could start sightseeing.  There's a work holiday coming up, some part of Ramadan, so I'm hoping we could go to the Dead Sea for a night, or do something interesting.  And it looks like my friend Clay is hoping to visit in the fall, which I'm super excited about.  Seriously guys, come visit!  Hopefully in a couple months we'll be able to be tour guides.  And maybe, if my class is good, I can speak a little to the locals!  Here's hoping.


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