Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Wednesday


Today was much better, but of course, that wasn't too difficult.  Benjamin woke up early, I'm sure he was feeling his ear pain.  He didn't take much of a morning nap, and then we went to the embassy with Kristin to have lunch with Thomas.  We spent some time at the playground and Ben enjoyed the swings.  Thankfully he wasn't too fussy and even ate some goldfish and yogurt bites at the cafe.  (He hasn't been eating much of anything, just drinking milk.)

It was really nice to get out and talk to Kristin.  And I'm starting the Arabic class on Sunday!  There's a new class starting, for now it'll be just me and one other lady.  I was a little stressed because I had wanted to interview more people, but I called them and either the schedule wouldn't work (the class is 3 days a week) or they needed to be sponsored.  Since we've decided not to sponsor, at least not right away, I texted the first girl I interviewed and she accepted the job.  We're doing a one month trial, starting out at just 9 hours a week, which will end up being 45JD.  Not a small amount, but I definitely want to take the class.  If we need to up her hours in a couple weeks I'm sure she'd be glad.  We just need to find out what Thomas is making over here. 

So tomorrow Kristin is taking me grocery shopping again, yay!  I need to get more cleaning supplies so I can everything ready for when Emy comes on Sunday.  Although I think I'll just have her hang out with Benjamin so hopefully it won't be a disaster when I leave.  Eeep.  Please pray that they'll like each other and get along well.  It would be awesome to have a dedicated babysitter so Thomas and I could go out on dates.  Ahhhh to see a movie.  Decadent.

I don't think I mentioned it yesterday but Thomas got our cell phones set up, so I can actually call people while I'm out and about.  Super great.  It's nice to be able to text people (Kristin) and be more connected.  I don't know if the iPhone messenger will work internationally, I tried texting my dad and it didn't work.  It went as a text message, so that'll be an interesting bill.  But I also feel a lot better about going around town on my own if I can contact Thomas at the office in case I need him.  I hope catching a cab on Sunday won't be too terrible.  I think when you have a kid with you there's a little more respect, just a single American woman might be more ... interesting.  You're just not supposed to answer questions if they get personal, etc.

Benjamin's doing a good job taking his medicine, and I think it's working.  He didn't feel as warm today and seemed in pretty good spirits most of the day.  Now that the class is set up and we've got a housekeeper/babysitter, I'm feeling good about stuff.  Now we just need our residency papers so we can actually drive the van we bought, and for our stuff to arrive.  And I've got a couple packages from Target coming, looking forward to those.  One is a foam mat for in front of the sink, since I'm washing dishes by hand.  Ugh.  Marble tile floors are great for keeping the house cooler, but man are they hard on the back.  Another package (they got sent separately) will be new sunglasses!  Mine broke during the flight, not sure how.  But Target had a buy one, get one promotion so I've got a backup now.  And sunglasses are totally necessary.  I might be using my contacts a lot more, which is sad since I love my new Warby Parker glasses.  Yes, I'm an aspiring nerd.

I've got a couple new pictures, Ben on the grass at the playground and then this evening we sat outside for a bit and enjoyed the mid-70s temps with a cool breeze.  Not too shabby.

Sweet baby.  Even when he's fussy and mad I'm so glad we have him.  Now if he wakes up multiple times tonight, I might have a different story...

Until next time,


  1. Always enjoy reading your blog! Your pix are good. Hopefully, Ben will be better soon.
    No problem with the texts not working. Email is good, although right now, we can't send email from the computer. I've spent two days on the phone with the Atlantic Broadband people and they concluded it's something in the Mac; I just upgraded to OS 10.8, so that might have something to do with it. I'll spend this afternoon on the phone with Apple.


    1. Hey Dad,

      Sorry that the computer is giving you trouble. That's always a pain. We upgraded to Mountain Lion as well and after signing in, for about 30 seconds, the cursor disappears. It's very irritating. I need to research it more and figure out if there's a fix. We're still enjoying our VPN, and actually got a Netflix disc recently. It takes about 2 weeks to get here though. Hope y'all are doing well!


    2. Thanks, Rach.

      Finally got the email thing fixed by talking with about 3 more Atlantic Broadband and 3 Apple people.

      I don't understand how your VPN thing works. Do you use cable or DSL? Maybe Thomas could help me understand.