Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend, Part 1

Hi y'all,

Friday we finally made it to church.  Kristin and her oldest boy picked us up, because her youngest was sick and staying home with daddy.  I'm so glad we got a ride, because we would have never been able to describe how to get there to a taxi driver.  It was more in the northwest area of Amman.  The church is technically the Anglican church of Amman but there's a special service for families with kids.  They meet in a person's home each week, the hosting duties rotate.  So we hung out with about 4 other families, then the kids went with the pastor's wife to do a craft and the adults stayed in the living room and sang songs, then went through a fairly traditional order of service.  The sermon (really more like a homily) was more conversational, not very formal.  It was nice.  Afterwards the hosts set up lunch, so we got to eat and mingle some more.  The people were very kind and it was neat to meet some expats who aren't embassy families.

Benjamin got a little fussy toward the end, I had him on my lap the whole time.  But he was just really tired and ready to go home, eat his peanut butter on bread and take a nap.  I was worn out too, he's been getting up at 7am these days.  Not. my. jam.  So I'm hoping that with just one nap today, and going to bed a little early, maybe he'll sleep in a bit tomorrow.

After everyone finished napping around 3pm I started laundry and we just hung out.  Thomas and I cooked dinner while Ben sat in his high chair at the kitchen island.  I'm really going to miss having a large, eat-in kitchen.  We may have to buy a house immediately upon our return.  Eeek.  Oh and our renters move in this weekend, I really hope they like it and want to stay for two years.  And that their dog doesn't eat all of Thomas's garden.  Anyway, after dinner we went out on the patio and just watched people and cars go by.  It felt amazing, must have been low 70s with a good breeze.  It was hot when we left church around noon, but man it gets great in the evening.  Thomas brought over some of the chairs from the patio off of the kitchen so we could rest and just hang out.  Benjamin sat with us for a little while but then wanted to get down and crawl, and walk with daddy, and just be active.  Here are a few pictures.

Benjamin is doing this funny thing where all of a sudden he'll just lie down and roll onto his back.  I'm not sure if he does it because he's tired, or for fun.  It always makes me laugh.  After crawling and walking and rolling around in the dust, he was just covered in gray.  So immediately after going inside Thomas gave him a bath and I did the dishes and folded laundry.  It's a lot easier doing dishes now that I bought some kitchen/cleaning gloves.  I much prefer using the hottest water possible, and my hands were really feeling it.  Washing dishes by hand creeps me out, I feel like they aren't as clean as they get in the dishwasher.  Maybe that's just me being lazy, though.

Today was a good day, Benjamin's doing better but he's got two molars coming through so he's still fussy a lot of the time.  We're still doing the antibiotic, I really hope it's effective and the ear infection doesn't come back.  He really hasn't been that bad at night, thank the Lord.  Last night I went to bed late and he made some noise right around midnight, but I was still awake so I just held him for a bit and then he went back to sleep.  I'm sure he's tired of sleeping in the pack-and-play, that thing can't be comfortable.  I really want our stuff to arrive.  We definitely have the space to accommodate the church crowd, but I can't even use our oven until my pans arrive.  Not that I love cooking, but I would enjoy it more with the stuff I'm used to having.   Alright, TV time!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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