Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hey guys,

Today was nice, Benjamin took a great morning nap so I got to sleep again until 12:30, which was awesome.  We just hung out at home and played, then went to the embassy for a free "BBQ" dinner, which was BBQ chicken, potato salad and a cucumber salad.  It was great, because it didn't cost anything for us, when it's usually a decent outlay for Thursday night dinner.  We sat with Kristin and her family, which was fun.  And a new family sat with us later on in the evening, they got here a week ago.  They're in great shape though and seem pretty well adjusted.  I'm hoping we can get together next week and help them feel more at home.  I remember just feeling like "what happened", especially with our death march of a sickness.  Thankfully they are fine, which will make life sooo much easier.

Here are a couple pictures of Benjamin, playing with a barn and animals made by Grandma Larkin.  I believe Thomas played with it when he was little.  (Correct me if I'm wrong, Mom!)

Whenever he plays with an animal toy, I make it "kiss" Benjamin, so now he "kisses" his animals.

I'm going to take Labor Day weekend off and get back to you Monday or Tuesday.  Hope you have a great holiday weekend!  What will you be up to?  Grilling out, swimming, watching football?  Go Gamecocks!!!

Oh and congratulations to Thomas's cousin David who's getting married this Saturday!  Sorry to miss it.


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