Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun Friday


This morning we made it to the Anglican house church.  We met at Kristen's house, just a few minutes away, so that made it easier to pull off.  Especially since Benjamin slept almost to 9am and we were rushing to get him fed and out the door.  Thankfully they're very low key and people show up whenever.  It was nice to talk with adults and watch Benjamin play with the kids.  There were all boys there, I'm not sure any little girls are part of the group.  Which is nice, he gets lots of time with bigger boys and actually stood up on his own and walked for multiple steps, and did it a couple times.  Thomas got to see him do it for the first time.  Yay for Ben!

After the service, Kristen served lunch and it was amazing.  Delicious egg strata, and fruit, and a Gouda and broccoli casserole.  Yummmm.  I think I went a little overboard, after we got home all I could do was lie on the couch for a few hours.  So full.  This afternoon Benjamin and I took naps, Thomas read in the formal living room.  It's nice to have two long couches in different rooms so that we can relax in different areas of the house, and not feel like one person has to hide away in the bedroom.  I really enjoy our large space, it's great. 

Tonight we just lounged and played with Ben, we made basic pasta with store-bought pesto for dinner.  And Benjamin ate a whole cup of applesauce by himself with just a little messiness.  He's getting to be such a big boy!  It's fun to look back at my Facebook page and see his baby pictures and even from Christmas he's so much bigger.  I know in two years when he move back he'll be three and a half, but I can't even fathom what he'll be like.  Right now I'm just grateful that he seems to be getting the hang of walking.  Or maybe it was just peer pressure being around the big boys at church, he didn't do it at all this afternoon with just me and Thomas around to impress. 

Here's a couple pictures of Benjamin from yesterday.  He was eating apple and peanut butter for lunch, and tried to drink some milk from the straw cup but it spit milk out on his face.  I was laughing and thought it was a look worth capturing. 

Hee hee.  I watched a couple movie trailers this afternoon and the new Anna Karenina looks really good.  I've never read the book (I know) but I love Joe Wright, the director.  He did "Atonement" which was amazing (the book is incredible, read it first if you can) and also the latest "Pride and Prejudice" all with Keira Knightley.  The first time I saw that one I wasn't so sure about it, it takes lots of liberties with the book.  But the more I've watched it the more I like it.  And not only for Matthew MacFayden, who is fantastic.  One of my fave Austen adaptations is "Persuasion" with Ciaran Hinds from the 90s.  So, so good.  I need to own it. 

Any favorite book-to-movie adaptations?  Or Austen novels?  Some good movies are coming out, hopefully Thomas and I can do a date night soon. 


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