Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pictures Galore

Hey people,

Today, Monday, was fairly decent.  Took Thomas to work, ran by the store on the way back 'cause the bread I was going to feed Benjamin was moldy.  Got home, fed the boy, then he sort-of napped for a little bit.  Not very well, I think the teething is still bugging him.  His appointment for 18 month immunizations was at 11:15 so we packed up around 11am and headed to the embassy.  The health unit staff is very nice, and they didn't make us wait very long.  He only needed one, Hepatitis A, and now he's done until he's four!  Say what.  Crazy.  So we were finished at 11:30, and the nurse was kind and gave me more Motrin, since we're now out of the Target brand that I packed.  She also gave me Fluoride drops to put in his water every day, since I guess there's not any added.  Yikes.  Glad to find that out now and not in another couple months!

I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier, but on Friday morning our Boab rang the bell so Thomas talked to him.  He gave us a huge pile of grapes from the grapevines in the yard, so we washed them and have been snacking on them periodically.  Naturally they have tons of seeds, so that's tough to get used to.  I'm such a pampered American, I just want seedless fruit please.  Oh well.

Keeping in the food vein, last night I was really craving a chocolatey baked dessert, so I made some brownies.  These are real, authentic Betty Crocker Middle East brownies.  Yum.  (I even licked the batter, which is probably a big no-no, even more so with potentially suspect eggs.  But I'm fine so far!  Totally worth it.)

Today was another milestone for Ben, I've been very slow in introducing him to the next phase in sippy cups but he tried a straw cup for the first time today.  It took him a little while to figure out the sucking thing, I tried showing him a pacifier but then he was mad when I took it away.  He still likes to tip it up, but I'm hoping he can figure it out in a few days.  I think I was worried he'd forget how to drink from a normal cup if I did the straw too soon, but now I think I might be way late.  Oh well, live and learn.

Yes, those are Ritz crackers and no he won't eat them.  He doesn't like to take bites of things, I have always cut things up so now he'll just shove a slice of apple into his mouth instead of taking a bite.  I'm hoping it will come with time.  

This afternoon was pretty relaxing, just hung out at home and did laundry while Ben napped.  Before picking Thomas up from work I drove over to a fruit store that's supposed to be good, and grabbed some bananas and strawberries.  The guys there were super friendly and tried to give Ben lots of food.  He smiles but then turns his head, he's a little shy sometimes.  It's nice that people love kids here, it makes it much less intimidating to go out places.  We'll have to try taking him to some local restaurants when Ramadan is over.  Oh man, let that be soon.  

I tried to take a picture of him in the living room today, but my phone decided it needed the flash.  So this is the, what are you doing to me, face.

And for the final pictures, proof that I'm still alive!  Thomas is not ghostwriting these posts, my desiccated body isn't sitting in a rocking chair.  (Name that movie, people.)  Behold, the Woman Who Needs Her Bangs Trimmed.

Thanks for reading, I know the daily recap can be boring.  But it's fun to remember what the daily grind is like, and ten years from now I'll look back in wonder and think, household help was amazing.  As always, questions and comments are welcome.



  1. Rach:

    It's good to see your face! We really enjoy your blog. Keep it up,


    1. Thanks, Dad! It was great to talk with y'all the other night. Thanks for calling!