Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Magical Healing Powers of ...

Burger King!  Seriously, guys.  We just had Burger King delivered for dinner and it was transcendent.  I felt kind of ugh all day, and really wanted some fast food.  Thomas made me call the delivery number, since it was a disaster last time.  But they handed me off to a dude who spoke great English, and he got all the info.  About 30-40 minutes later, the food arrived.  And they didn't even have to call and get more specific directions.  Delightful.  I hadn't realized that I was ordering meals, so I got an extra order of fries.  Oh well, most of them went into the trash.  I was trying to be moderate in my junk food consumption.  Benjamin had a few, and also a couple bites of Whopper with cheese.  I'm strictly a cheese, ketchup and mustard on a hamburger person, nothing else, ever.  But I happily ate the mayo, onion, pickle and tomato.  I was really in withdrawal.  I feel much more human now.

On to the recap: this morning Laura, my Arabic lessons classmate, picked me up since Thomas drove to work.  They moved our class, we had been meeting in the restaurant but now we have an official language room.  It was great to not be distracted by the TV and people milling around.  I met Thomas for lunch and got the BLT for the 3rd time in a row.  It's my new go-to item.  I'm very hesitant to try new things, as you all know.  Wonder where Benjamin gets it from...

I had meant to go to the co-op and pick up a few things, but I wasn't feeling up to it and Thomas needed to drop me off anyway, so we left and I hung out with Ben for a little while so Emy could finish up cleaning a couple things.  Again, so incredibly thankful that she helps us out.  I know it's a total luxury.  Hopefully with all my talk of household help you're not throwing darts at my picture.  Come and visit!  Take me up on this offer, for real!

Benjamin has started standing on his own and taking many steps.  He was all about it today, which is very exciting.  I feel like we might have a toddler on our hands soon.  After 18 months, I'm extremely impatient to just get to the next stage of life already.  I'm sure chasing him down will get old after awhile but it's really exciting to see him grow up little by little.  I'll try to take some pictures soon to post, if he stays vertical long enough.

He's a funny guy, he loves when you read him a book.  And he'll also just sit and flip through books, looking at the pictures.  He was content to page through his Bible today, happy as a clam, for about 20 minutes.  (We have the Jesus Storybook Bible, and read him a chapter every evening before bed, along with Goodnight Moon.  It's a nice little tradition, and gets back to the basics, which is nice for me and Thomas too.)

Thomas put him to bed and now we're just hanging out, fat and happy from our fast food feast.  Later on, there will be ice cream.  Thomas stopped at the co-op before coming home to grab chips and salsa, Coke Light, and two kinds of ice cream- chocolate (for me) and rocky road (for him).  Yum.  Trying to get out of my mint chocolate chip rut.

Word on the street is that our HHE will arrive the 2nd week in September.  I need to start planning for the unpacking process.  I'm so excited!  And we'll try to get out and about and see a little more of Amman and the local sights to fill you in on.  I don't want to spend two years getting fast food delivered and watching bad TV reruns on the computer.

Thanks for reading!

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