Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Totally Tuesday

Forgive the valley girl title.  Today was alright, although I felt gross and puke-y for most of it.  Benjamin woke up early, quarter to 8am.  Not fun.  So he ate breakfast and then we dropped Thomas at work.  I had my Arabic class, so Emy showed up at 9:30 and I got ready, then headed out.  I think I'm starting to absorb a little bit, my brain mulls things over and sometimes pops out a phrase.  So definitely a worthy endeavor.  Although I wasn't feeling great, I ate an early lunch with Thomas and then begged him to drive me to the doctor.  It went well, the office was in a hospital close by.  It's definitely different than an American hospital, but there weren't puddles of blood anywhere so I felt reassured.

Thomas dropped me at home a teeny bit after 1:30, when Emy leaves, so I apologized for being late and she headed out.  Benjamin hadn't napped well, and was off schedule all day.  I'm still blaming teething.  I was totally exhausted so I just laid on the couch and watched "Bunheads" when he went down in the afternoon.  I really enjoy that show, and I hope they get picked up for another season.  Very cute and fun.  Thomas came home and we ate spaghetti for dinner (again).  I'm really not creative.  I think tomorrow Ben and I will go to Spinney's and walk around the Taj Mall, since we need to get some more fruit and random other things.  Hopefully his nap schedule will accommodate a little excursion.  Oh and Ben took another couple teeny steps on his own today, so yay!

After dinner I tried giving Ben his own spoon and applesauce, here is the result.  He did an okay job, considering this is the first time we've really let him go with a utensil on his own.  Yes, we're way behind.  Sigh.  (Pictures by Thomas.)

Good job, little buddy!  He's still not great with the straw cups, I guess that'll take a little longer to get used to.  But he's trying.  Lots of changes all at once.  He was pretty fussy tonight so we gave him Motrin and put him in the bed.  And now Thomas is going to bed before 10pm, so I might follow.  Of course fireworks and car horns and yelling will keep us up until at least 11, but you know.  Ramadan.  This weekend is the end of Ramadan, thank heavens.  There's a long weekend to celebrate the Eid holiday (pronounced eeed) so we might try to find something fun to do, maybe a day trip outside Amman or just going to the old part of town and checking things out.  There's a taxi driver who is evidently a great tour guide, so we might hire him to get a little more local flavor and info.  That's all for today, hope everybody is doing well.



  1. Way to go, Ben! Much better than Abigail was at her first time!!

    1. Hi Jenny! I'm sure Abigail is a pro by now though. I just have to set aside my aversion to giving baths. :-) Hope y'all are doing well!