Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Greetings all,

Today was pretty amazing.  Took Thomas to work, got home and fed Benjamin breakfast before Emy showed up at 9:30am.  I like doing 9:30 better, it gives me more time to put myself together before she arrives.  She got settled playing with Ben and I drove over to the embassy.  We don't have a parking pass yet, so I parked outside the embassy on a residential street and walked inside.  My class went well, I need to do more studying but I think eventually I'll retain something.  Our teacher is going out of town for the next two classes, but Laura and I have agreed to meet up on Thursday to review together and have lunch.  Fun!  It's so nice to meet new people.

After eating a quick lunch with Thomas, I met up with Kristin and we walked over to a little nails place for manicures and pedicures.  I haven't had one in forever, so it was a great relaxing treat.  Of course my nails are super short since my nervous tic is to pick at them.  I know, gross.  Believe me, I'd love to grow them out and have long beautiful nails like my mom and sister.  Maybe someday.  Here's a pic of my prettier hands and feet.

Thomas told me yesterday that the rug and patio furniture would come today, and it was perfect timing.  Benjamin went down for a nap around 2pm, and they came shortly thereafter.  The rug looks good, it softens the huge room.  And the patio table and four chairs fit perfectly on the patio outside our family room.  I need to rearrange the furniture to make it easier to step outside, but that's for another day.  And after they left, I got a call saying that the UAB (unaccompanied air baggage) was ready for delivery, so they came about 3pm.  There were four big boxes, full of clothes and sheets and towels.  And a lot of the stuff I bought at Costco before we left, like Jif and Nutella.  Yay!  It was great to unpack that stuff.  The Goldfish supply is now replenished.  Whew.  Another surprise were all the toys packed in the UAB.  I'd forgotten what they put in it, so it was fun to pull out all the toys Ben hadn't seen in a month.  He was very excited.  

The living room is a definite disaster now.  I've emptied almost two boxes, but I'm mostly just trying to find our pillows.  Oh, how I miss my memory foam... Let me count the ways.  It's good to switch out all the towels and start to really make this our home, not just some fun extended vacation.  That was really hitting home this afternoon, getting our stuff makes it feel more permanent.  (Temporarily permanent, I'm sure it won't seem too long before the movers come to pack us up again.)

Last night I finished reading "Run" by Ann Patchett.  I love her, she's my new favorite author.  I think I've read almost all her books, I might have one left.  The embassy has a little lending library where I found it.  I returned it today and got another book, this one's nonfiction, "Behind the Beautiful Forevers".  I think I heard about it a while back on NPR or something, but I don't know much about it.  Looking forward to jumping in!  Now that we're not hooked on TV shows (except me and "Bunheads") and don't have tons of movies at our disposal, it's been nice to get back into reading on a nightly basis.  The only problem is finding books that I want to read.  I think I'll start ordering used books off of Amazon, I really want to read some more Bill Bryson.  I completely enjoyed "A Walk in the Woods" about his Appalachian Trail adventure.  I laughed out loud a couple times.  What are you reading these days?  Any suggestions?  And if you have books you don't want, or see something interesting at a Goodwill, please mail them to me and I'll send you a check! 


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