Monday, August 27, 2012

Doubling up

I didn't post yesterday, because it was a very boring day and I know y'all are falling asleep in front of your computers when you read yet again that we went to the embassy and then took naps.  But, in case you need that structure to your lives, here's what happened yesterday.

Benjamin slept in late, I woke him up about 9:15.  He ate breakfast, played, then we went to the embassy to meet up with Kristin on the playground.  I was late getting there, and then met Thomas for lunch so we saw Kristin and her boys at the restaurant.  It was nice getting out of the house but Benjamin started getting fussy about 12:30, because he hadn't taken his usual morning nap.  He seemed to be transitioning out of those like a month or so ago, but recently has very much needed both naps.  We went home and both slept for a while, which was magical.  Thomas came home and we heated up leftover carbonara for dinner and it was delicious.  He went out for a guys night after putting Ben to bed, so I watched Dawson's Creek and obsessed about sofas for a couple hours.  It was fun.

Yeah, that didn't need its own post.  Today was less exciting, if you can imagine, but I figure the two combined will be moderately entertaining/informative.  Ben slept late again today, 8pm-9:15am.  I'm not complaining, it's awesome.  I feel bad though that I can't drive Thomas to work.  If he's awake around 8am I can, but when he sleeps in it means I also get to sleep in.  Not bad at all.  Morning nap, check.  Lunch, playtime, check.  Afternoon nap, oh yeah.  Which is again my computer time, looking for gray velvet English roll arm sofas, like this one.  

I would switch out the legs to get ones with casters.  But I might also check with some showrooms about the Lee Industries version, which is supposed to be super solid.  I want a sofa for 30 years.  My grandmother's have lasted 40-some (or more) but they really aren't my style and I'm looking forward to attempting to decorate with things I've chosen and really love.  I'll be a little sad to see the Heywood Wakefield stuff go, but I'll discuss with my sister about what she wants to do with them.  (They were left to her by our grandmother.)

Yeah, enough couch talk.  It's two years before I would actually purchase something, and we may be buying a different house when we get back so that would take a whole lot of precedence.  But it's fun to think about decorating, since that's not my talent at all.  Samantha, I need your help!

Attempting to move on.  Thomas had found a recipe from Pioneer Woman for roast chicken and we had collected all the ingredients.  Thankfully there's rosemary growing in the garden.  I got started on it while Ben ate his snack around 5, and it turned out really well.  I roasted some cut-up potatoes and carrots in a separate pan.  They got a little burned on the bottom, I guess they didn't need as much time as I'd thought.  But they still tasted good.  It was a nice meal, very reminiscent of fall.  I'm looking forward to the change in weather, whenever that will happen.  Is it getting cool yet back in the States?  I'm jealous of the leaves changing colors.

Tonight will be the usual, just lounging and playing on the internet.  Last night we got three different boxes in the mail.  My parents had kindly sent us some requests, like Cheerios and goldfish and jello.  I want to try making the jello play dough, once some plastic containers arrive from Amazon.  We also got some fingerpaint and paper from Amazon, which I'll try out with Benjamin some evening before his bath.  And a box from Target, with diapers and butt cream and random baby stuff.  It was like Christmas, so much fun.  I'm still waiting on our next Netflix disc, it is really ridiculous how long it takes.  I'm super impatient and just need to get over it.  Argh. 

Night all!


  1. Rachel: That's not too bad, we shipped the box on August 16 and you got it on August 27. So, less than 2 weeks.

    Still enjoying the blog!


  2. Hey Dad,

    Thanks for getting everything together and mailing it. And for the extra paper towels, that was a nice bonus. :-)