Saturday, August 11, 2012

Craft, completed


Thomas and I actually made the playhouse today!  Well, first off, we just lazed about this morning.  I took a nap while Benjamin took his, which was awesome.  We weren't feeling up to making our own way to church today, possibly next week we'll feel braver.  After Ben ate his lunch I drove us all to Carrefour, which was good practice.  I feel like I could go there on my own now, which was my goal.  We bought a couple things we needed, including a long ruler for the playhouse construction.  I thought that maybe the food court would have some lunch offerings, but Ramadan strikes again.  Everything was closed and dark, so we drove back home.

On the way we saw a McDonalds with a drive thru, and they were serving people.  It was awesome, I flipped a U-turn at the earliest possibility and we got McNuggets for me and Thomas.  They weren't very good, definitely spent too long in the freezer compartment of a container ship.  But, it was something.  My body is adjusting to the lack of junk food.  I'm sure it will be a good thing in the long run, but today I was really craving a McGriddle.  Yummm.

After we got home, Benjamin played a little then went down for nap number two.  Thomas cut up a box and we taped everything together.  The plans I was hoping to follow used a much thinner type of cardboard, the stuff we have is like triple-walled and industrial.  So I wasn't able to make it collapsible, and it's pretty big.  Not sure how long we'll keep it around, but it was a fun little 30-45 minute project.  Benjamin isn't super interested, it might be too large to entice him right now.  We do have a plastic playhouse with a slide coming in the HHE that we might try to put in his room on the carpet, so maybe this can be the living room house.  Here are a few pictures.

Again, sorry for the bad pictures.  Iphone camera + incompetent photographer = what you just saw.  I wanted y'all to see the pile of boxes and trash behind where the house ended up, in the formal living room.  There's just more space there, and especially in the future with all the trash gone, I think we can shove the house out of the way when necessary.  It slides pretty easily on the floors, so we can squirrel it away if need be.  The stuffed dinosaur is Littlefoot from The Land Before Time, which I think I got in the second grade.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for saving a lot of my junk!  Hopefully Benjamin will enjoy playing with him.  Right now he likes the little plastic dinos that may have come in a Happy Meal back when the movie came out.  I really want to order him a couple of these, but they're a little pricey for just a whim.  Maybe a stocking stuffer. 

Tonight we walked over to some friends' house for dinner, they cooked an amazing chicken dish with a Middle Eastern sauce and relish with pistachios and pomegranate.  It was delicious.  And our hostess made some amazing cookies, Nutella and walnut biscotti.  Drool.  We left super stuffed.  It's really fun having friends live close by, and getting to vary the usual routine a bit.  I'd love to have them over for dinner, but without my pots and pans, and also not being an enthusiastic cook... Maybe we can just order delivery.  It's about the company more than the food, right?  (Yes, says no one.)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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