Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to work

Hey y'all,

Sunday was really nice, Emy came about 9:30am but I didn't have my class, so I played with Ben while she got started cleaning.  I put him down for a nap, and then got ready to go to the embassy to review with my Arabic language classmate.  She's really sweet, and it was a fun hour practicing and also chatting.  She and her husband have also visited the Amman International Church, so we might follow them over next Saturday.  They live just a couple blocks away, which is fun.  Her kids are a little older than Benjamin, but that also means she'll have advice to give.  Yay for more experienced moms!  After our review session, Thomas joined us in the cafe and her husband came in too, so we all ate lunch together.  It was really nice to get to know more people and feel a bit more connected. 

I had the terrible realization over the weekend that I'd missed an appointment for Ben to get his 18 month immunizations at the embassy health clinic.  Eeek.  I called today and I can take him in tomorrow morning, so we'll do that and eat lunch with Thomas.  Today we got a package from Target, I'd ordered a foam kitchen mat for in front of the sink because washing dishes by hand is killing my back.  Hopefully it'll help, and I'll bet Emy will appreciate it too.  She is a treasure, she dusted and vacuumed and mopped the floors, washed dishes and played with Benjamin more than usual.  He was fussy, probably because of teething, and woke up really early from his nap.  After I got home I took over so she could finish up.  It's amazing to have someone else clean your house, I've never had such a luxury before.  It's going to be tough to give that up.  Not going to think about that for a while.  Denial.

This afternoon Benjamin was really funny, he must have been tired and he kept just lying down on the floor.  I can't tell if it's the molars that are coming in, or what.  I think it might be the first molars, but who knows.  He's been tugging his ears, but doesn't have a fever so I'm crossing my fingers that it's not another ear infection.  Oh and the biggest news of all, he took a couple steps today!  It was crazy, we were playing in the living room and he stood up holding on to his large green ball.  Then he took about 3 really teeny steps over to his blue bucket of toys.  It was amazing, we've been waiting and worrying, and he just does it all of a sudden.  Naturally it hasn't happened again, but at least we know he can.  I think it's mostly caution that's been holding him back.  Yay for Ben!  Here's a couple pictures from today.

I love this outfit, it's a gray Gap shirt with dinosaurs on it.  It's a 2T but seems really big.  Of course this is all from Goodwill, I totally stocked up and bought basically all the clothes he'll need up to 5T to bring over here.  Naturally I've jinxed myself by writing that, but hopefully we won't have to buy much here, or order online.  From what I've heard clothes here are stupid expensive, which is why I spent 9 months shopping at Goodwill weekly.  I really miss my Tuesday morning routine of meeting Gretchen and eating Chickfila breakfast and then thrifting.  So much fun!  Miss you, Gretchen!

Tonight I made mac and cheese for dinner.  Poor Thomas is very longsuffering.  You'd think that not having to clean at all would give me more energy for planning menus, but no.  No it hasn't.  And we don't want to pay Emy to stay longer and cook, so I'm out of luck.  I just need to get more familiar with the stores here and start trying stuff out.  Tomorrow after lunch at the embassy I'll probably go to Spinney's at Taj Mall which is nearby, so I can get things and maybe explore the mall a little too.  All depending on Ben's mood, of course.

Questions? ... Comments?  ... Bueller?


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