Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi friends and family,

It's been a nice day.  Thomas represented us at church this morning, because Benjamin woke up at an ungodly hour and definitely needed a nap, so I stayed home with him and rested.  I missed out on fellowship and food, not to mention worship.  But there's always next week.

I had tasked Thomas with doing a quick grocery run for bread and bananas after church, but he came back at 1:30 before going.  So we dawdled at home and he played with Ben, then we all went out to Taj Mall.  I had been interested in checking out the food court, since Ramadan's over and it's open normal hours.  I got a McDonalds hamburger and fries and Diet Coke/Coke Light.  It was decent, I'm not usually a hamburger person at Micky D's, but I was afraid of the chicken nuggets as a result of this incident.  We sat in the food court while I snacked and Benjamin actually ate some fries.  I'd been giving him a fry periodically whenever I have some, but he's very slow in trying new foods.  Not that fries are healthy, but I hardly ever order them and now that fast food isn't a part of my daily routine they won't be a major fixture of our diet.  But he actually ate some and seemed to like them.  So, yay!?

After my food break, we went back down to Spinney's and bought more than we intended.  It's all good stuff, like a plunger and extension cord, trash bags, roasting pan.  Along with the usual produce and cereal.  Benjamin seems to really like plums, so we got those and apples and a ton of bananas.  He's very much a fruit person, not so into protein.  I feel helpless to do anything about that until we get all our stuff.  Before we packed out, I bought a mini-muffin pan so I could do some bite-sized egg dishes for him.  He's not into eggs either, and I thought that might tempt him.  Oh and he doesn't eat cheese.  I've given him bits of my grilled cheese when I make it, and he touches it, then leaves it alone.  Funny guy.  Any thoughts, fellow parents?  Is it just a phase?

Ben took a decent nap this afternoon so I rested and read some of "Emma".  For dinner I heated up leftovers for Thomas and made myself a grilled cheese.  I'm such a creature of habit, if I like something I'll eat it every day for forever.  For the past week it's been grilled cheese time, but I'm sure I'll get sick of it soon and need to find another go-to meal.  I don't want to think about it.  I miss my extremely unhealthy McDonalds lunch of McNuggets and Diet Coke, sometimes a hot fudge sundae.  And eating in my car.  So American, so lazy.  Oh how I miss that. 

After dinner we went out onto the patio and sat and enjoyed the nice weather.  It was hot today, probably low 90s, but in the evening it just feels great.  We walked around and saw a ton of snails.  First we saw one, and watched him crawl over a stick of rosemary that I put in his path to see what he'd do.  Didn't phase him, he crawled/ slithered/ slimed his way over it and kept on trucking.  Then when we walked around we kept seeing more and more.  It's like an army of snails out there.  I'm half worried that they'll invade the house extremely sloooowly.

Benjamin and Thomas have a new game where they "scare" each other.  Thomas will go "bah" and surprise him, which makes him laugh.  And he tries to do the same, with Thomas making an exaggerated response of being frightened.  Super funny.  I'm really looking forward to when Ben can be even more interactive and play games and stuff.  Although I don't want to wish away him being small.  My language class co-student, Laura, has two kids that are 4 and 8.  I can't imagine what having big kids is like.  I know there are challenges at every age, but sometimes it seems like poopy diapers are all that's in front of me.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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