Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday is the new Tuesday

Hey there,

This morning Benjamin slept until after 8am.  I actually had to wake him up so I could drive Thomas to work.  It was awesome.  I just wish we could have slept in, but it was good to take the van out for a little spin.  When I spell "van" I keep typing "can", and that's not an inaccurate description.  Thomas thinks the back needs new shocks, which maybe it does.  All I know is it's a beater.  Anyway, traffic was really light this morning and I dropped Thomas off at the embassy and then headed home, no incidents.  And that's all the driving I've done so far!

Kristin and her boys picked us up at 10 for a playdate.  It's a very organized group, maybe ten moms and their kids.  The apartment was about 15 minutes away and we hung out on the very large patio.  The hostess provided awesome snacks and we just chilled for a while, then there was an organized song circle, with parachute and silly props, like little rubber snakes for the "snake song", etc.  It was cute.  Benjamin was a little freaked out by all the people but I think he'll enjoy it eventually.  I'm sure he gets bored with just me.  But he does have Emy now, three days a week.  Tomorrow she comes so I can do the class and then get nails done with Kristin!  What a treat.  I'm excited.  Not about driving though...

I was totally beat after we got back from the play group, so Ben ate lunch and then we both took naps.  Not long enough for me though!  I'm just worn out if I don't get my morning nap.  Pretty sad.  We hung out at home and played, then he took another afternoon nap around 4.  He's been in that pattern, he'll sleep from 1-3, play, get fussy, then I'll put him down and he'll sleep until 5:15ish.  Weird.  I guess he's still tired from teething and everything.  I just wish he could sleep from 1-4 or 2-5.  That would be the holy grail.  But I didn't medicate him tonight, he didn't seem super fussy about his teeth.  Normally he's good with me brushing his teeth, like tonight.  I know there's trouble when he pulls away right after I start.  Fingers crossed he can sleep through the night and until 8am.

I tried to take pictures of Benjamin today, he likes to grab Thomas's hat off the entryway table and have me put it on him.  But he was very fussy about it today.  So here's an angry face, and then a sweet face.  Sorry they're so blurry.

Funny little guy.  Thomas came home and we ran right out and put gas in the van, the *ahem* gentleman who sold it to us left just a teeny bit, on my way home this morning the gas light came on.  Sigh.  So we had to drive around a bit, they aren't on every corner like back at home.  And they're all full-service, which is interesting.  The guy pumps it and you round up the total and he gets the overage as a tip.  There were lots of people on the road, heading home from work and to their Iftar meals.  Not the best time to be out and about.  We were trying to turn right out of the gas station to get back on Circle Street (Zahran) when a truck just zoomed past, in reverse.  Backing up, at speed, on a 3 lane highway.  Oh yeah, anything goes here.

We made it home safely and ate dinner (spaghetti) and Benjamin played a little before he went down.  Now it's fun internet time.  Oh last night we watched "The Devil's Double" about Uday Hussein (Saddam's son) in Iraq in the 80s and his body double.  Ooof, not sure I can recommend it, it's very violent and disturbing.  I'm not sure how much is true, but evidently he was a pretty awful guy.  That's a movie I never need to see again.  But Dominic Cooper, who plays both main characters, is awesome in it.  He's very convincing as a normal guy with a conscience witnessing these atrocities, and also as the insane perpetrator.  Yeah, only watch it if you have a strong stomach.  Enough said.

And on that happy note... But really, thanks for reading.  If y'all have questions or suggestions, critiques or sneak peeks (what does that mean?  eh, it rhymes) then please leave it in the comments.  Hope y'all are having a good week!


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