Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today was a normal day, not too much happened.  Emy came by the house this morning and played with Benjamin while I rested in bed.  I was totally wiped out and meant to take a shower, but dozily decided to just nap for an hour.  I got up and out the door around 11:15 and ate a quick lunch with Thomas before meeting Kristin to get our nails done again.  I think we're going to make it an every-two-weeks tradition.  It was great to have a relaxing hour of chatting and then have pretty nails at the end of it. 

I got home about 20 minutes late, after waiting and waiting for my nails to dry enough to pay and fish out my keys.  But Emy was kind and said it was fine.  It's amazing to come home to dishes washed and toys put away.  I definitely get spoiled when she comes.  Trying not to take it for granted.

Benjamin had slept until 1pm, which I'm guessing has to do with teething.  He played and snacked until 3, then I put him down for a nap.  I rested on the couch and had chips and salsa while watching "Dawson's Creek" and playing on the internet.  He woke up around 4:45 and we played and snacked until we left to get Thomas from work.  Instead of going straight home we ran by the fruit guys where I bought some bananas and then Thomas ran into a little grocery store to buy bread while I circled the block, as there were no open parking spots. 

We heated up leftover carbonara and roast chicken for dinner, and the combination wasn't half bad.  I used way too much rosemary on the chicken, so the next time I'll tone it down.  But I'm always amazed at how easy it is to roast a chicken after how intimidating it feels.  Not that it was perfect, the white meat was a little dry.  But I feel like that's inevitable and it was certainly edible.  And not bad heated up the next day.  More dishes in the sink for Emy!

Benjamin was fussy again this evening, even during his bath.  We didn't give him any medicine so we'll see how long he goes before yelling.  I hope this teething phase ends soon, I have so little patience for the middle of the night screaming. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures, yet again.  I'm getting lax in my constant tiredness.  But also, we're just living normal life now so most things don't seem picture-worthy.  My goal for this evening is to take a shower.  An aside, does anyone else hate showering as much as I do?  I know that sounds weird, it's not that I hate being clean.  I just hate the time it takes to shower, then do my facial routine, then dry my hair.  I can usually convince myself to put it off for one day too many.  Don't get me started on shaving legs, either.  I guess I would rather be watching something or reading than "wasting" my time on personal hygiene.  I know, y'all are weirded out.  It's okay.

As usual, oversharingly yours,

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