Saturday, August 25, 2012

Date Day

Emy came this morning instead of tomorrow.  My language class is cancelled for tomorrow morning and we'd been hoping to go see "The Dark Knight Rises".  Kristin and her husband invited us on Thursday, but Emy works until 6:30 so we weren't able to make the 5:30 showing.  But going at 11:15am on Saturday was perfect, very few people.  This was my first time seeing a movie overseas since college, and it was pretty similar.  Seats are assigned, but supposedly it's not strictly followed.  The theater was in Baraka Mall, pretty close to us.  It's really nice and is showing some recent movies, like "Spiderman".  I think we'll try to go back sometime soon to see "The Bourne Legacy", if Emy can swing another Saturday.  The movie was excellent.  Nothing can match the Joker as a truly disturbing villain, but I thought it was definitely the best way to wrap up the series.  Super good.

After the movie, which was loooong, we ate a quick lunch at McDonald's in the food court.  Thomas dropped me at home and then ran out to see about the cable packages from the OSN booth in SmartBuy.  They claim to show NFL stuff, but we're skeptical.  So we'll wait and see.  Benjamin went down for a nap and we did the same.  Thomas made dinner, pasta carbonara.  It was delicious! 

Tonight we're watching "The Incredibles", which I haven't seen in forever.  I love it.  The movie theater is also showing "Brave" which I'd like to see, just because it's Pixar.  The reviews weren't great, anyone seen it?  Thoughts?  Maybe I can convince some girls to go some weekend.  What movies are playing now in the states?  Anybody seen anything awesome recently?  It looks like the theater here will be getting "The Watch" and "The Campaign", which we definitely want to see.  I can't believe it's almost Labor Day weekend.  I'm just counting the days until our HHE gets here, I really hope it's soon.  We've been here a little over a month and I'm guessing we'll get all our stuff in another four weeks or so.  Fingers crossed.

Guess that's all for today!

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