Sunday, August 19, 2012

Satisfying Saturday

Hello folks,

Today was nice, fairly low-key and relaxing.  Thomas got Benjamin up and going so I got to rest in bed for a little bit longer than usual.  It was excellent.  We just hung out at the house in the morning, and then went to Taj Mall after lunch.  Thomas was hoping to talk with someone about getting cable or satellite, whatever the options are.  But at the Smart Buy (Best Buy-ish type place) they didn't have the right booth with the subscription people.  So we just walked around the mall a little and then went to Spinney's for some groceries.  They had added a little display with nail polish, so I was excited to get some clear to put on my fingers.  After getting a manicure last week, my nails have grown a teeny bit and I'm hoping to finally get them to grow and resist my compulsion to clip them until they've disappeared. 

This afternoon Benjamin and Thomas took naps while I obsessed over living room furniture.  I'm trying to figure out what I'd like for our new living room stuff when we move back home.  Yes, that's two years from now.  And yes, I'll probably change my mind.  But now I really like this couch:

Pottery Barn Carlisle Slipcovered Apartment Sofa

If I could, I would get legs with casters for the front.  As for occasional chairs, I'm thinking maybe something leather, maybe a pair with a matching ottoman.  Probably we'll get everything else off of Craigslist, and I'd be happy to get the couch there too.  But I've been hunting around and finding an English roll arm sofa with a tight back is quite the challenge.  I think the slipcover would be wise, but I also like the regular upholstered version.  It's fun to furnish a house in your mind.  But I'm awful at scale and figuring out what would work and not look too fusty and old fashioned.  I like the style of sofa because it's very classic, but I might add some edgy accessories, like a Lucite coffee table or neon pillows or something.  I really need to just hire a decorator.  If I could, I'd hire this chick, she has the perfect sofa: green velvet.  I would love something that bold.  Here's a pic.  Exactly what I want!  Maybe I can hire her for just an hour to brainstorm/rough sketch something out.

Tonight we managed to go to the Amman International Church.  We followed some neighbors and friends from the embassy, we would never have made it on our own.  The preaching was definitely better than the little house church, but they meet at 6pm on Saturday's, so we got back home around 7:30pm.  Not the best, we tried to feed Benjamin a little and we were super hungry and even just making spaghetti takes a while.  We ate about 8pm and were just cranky.  Ben went to bed a half hour later than normal, but hopefully that won't affect his demeanor tomorrow.  I think if Ben's schedule changes that we'd try it again, but for right now it just won't work.  Oh well.  Thankfully we enjoy the Anglican house church enough and I'm sure God will put us exactly where He wants us to be.

I'll take a break from the blog for a day or two since we have a long weekend, and get back to you in a couple days with some pictures and hopefully more scintillating anecdotes.  Pray for health and safety as we make a little trip. 


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