Saturday, September 29, 2012


Howdy howdy,

Today we're celebrating all things Thomas.  Instead of the typical recaps, which honestly you don't really care about, I'll post some fond memories and observations of our life together so far.

The first time he sent me flowers he sent daffodils, my favorite.

He always opened my car door when we went on dates (he drove a 1980 Impala with heavy doors).

We saw New York City twice together, once in August 2001 and again for his birthday in 2009.  He's my favorite travel companion.

He wrote me lots of letters, and emailed me constantly when I was away in Germany for a year.  Even though it was his first year of law school.

He is generous and loving.  He is patient with Benjamin, and me.

Thomas is a fantastic father.  I had no expectations of what type of parents we would be, but he is the greatest.  I really hope we can have more kids, partly so they can be blessed by him.

He is super smart, and knows a lot of things.

He is financially savvy and keeps me in line.  He plans for the future and isn't flighty.

He loves and appreciates both his family and mine.  (We are both incredibly blessed with supportive and loving parents and siblings.  What a gift.)

He loves God.

He can be passionate about his interests, like watches and video games.

He is incredibly loyal to his friends.  I'm amazed at how close he is to the guys he grew up with.

He is adventurous.  We're living in Amman, Jordan.  I would never have planned that 10 years ago, but it's such an amazing opportunity and I can't imagine anyone else I would rather share it with.

Thomas is funny.  And talkative, though that might be hard to believe for newer or casual acquaintances.

He is supportive and kind and trusts God through hardship, particularly infertility and our recent miscarriage.

He will get up in the middle of the night to give Benjamin back his pacifier.  This is truly amazing to me, a person who needs lots of sleep.

I could go on and on, but I wanted to share with y'all a little about the fantastic guy I married.

Feel free to leave any fond memories of Thomas in the comments!

Happy Birthday, Thomas!




  1. Happy Birthday, Thomas! I am so privileged to be your little sister and have the coolest older brother :). I've always looked up to you and am amazed to see how God has led us both into adventures we'd never dreamed of when we were growing up. Thank you for always being supportive and caring for me, giving me good advice and helping me to laugh when I'm taking myself too seriously ;). Thank you for being there with Trevor and me to celebrate our wedding this year. Thank you for marrying Rachel! She's such a blessing to us all. You've given me the sister I never had;). And of course, I ditto what Rachel said about how wonderful it is to see you as a father. Can't wait to see all three of you very soon!!! (Sorry I didn't call today! It was a manic day, and I've lost my voice from a cold, but I'll call for a belated b-day greeting when the voice comes back! I hope my little card got there in time...;). Love you! Love from Priscilla

    1. Oh the card came a week or so ago, so definitely in time. :-) Hope your voice comes back soon, we're happy to talk whenever it works for you!