Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carhartts and Frustration

Greetings all,

Public service announcement: I'm going to describe my current medical situation without being obtuse or using "family-friendly" language.  Please don't be offended.

Today I went back to the doctor to see if the blood that had collected in my uterus after the D&C had passed, but it hasn't.  I'd been taking Methergin for a week, three pills a day.  I'm frustrated that this whole ordeal isn't over.  It's still sad and depressing every time I get an invasive sonogram that I see proof that there's no longer a baby, and now I have to have another minor procedure to get rid of this blood.  Ugh.  I'm ready to be completely finished with all of this.  Maybe I'm moving into the anger part of grief. 

On a happier note, Benjamin is feeling better and didn't barf at all today.  Yay!  He was pretty sweet and got to hang out with Thomas at lunch while I went to the doctor.  Before I left I decided to break out some Carhartt overalls that I found at a Goodwill.  They're 2T but very large and I had to roll up the legs a lot.  He looked super cute.  Later this afternoon I put his big boy shoes on (thanks Mimi!) and he did great walking around in them.  We tried it a few weeks ago and he didn't do very well, so he's really getting more confident and able in his walking. 

Hi Mom.  What's that you're holding?

I'm going to walk toward you, making it really hard to get a good picture.

Lying on the floor won't help.

But I want to hold the camera!

I'm so sad.

Now I'm mad!

OK, I'm better now.

Check out all my teeth.

I know, I'm the cutest.

Thomas brought home steaks and with them we had potatoes and peas, a delightful dinner.  I'll be so glad when we finally get the other car, it's at the airport they just have to convene a special committee to approve letting it in the country.  There was a new rule put in place after the car was shipped, that you can't import any vehicle older than 10 years.  Since the Cruiser is a '99, it's definitely too old.  But since it was shipped before the rule, we're hoping that they can just approve it and get over it.  Argh.  Once we have two cars, it'll be easier for me to run out and do errands during the day, and if Thomas needs to pick something up on the way home it won't be a big hassle.  Here's hoping we can get the car soon.

Pray for us, that I won't need any additional procedures, and wisdom as to whether we should take a break or start fertility stuff again.  And that Benjamin is totally healthy and over his sickness.  And that we won't get it.  Oof, it's been a long week already.  But we got a package in the mail from Aunt Marian, which was so nice.  (Thanks for everything!  The wedding pictures are great!)