Monday, September 24, 2012

Sickness and Shag Music

Hello friends,

Well let's do a quick recap.  Saturday was awesome, we rested a lot and went to Taj Mall for lunch in the food court, we ate at a chicken place with curly fries.  Not bad at all, but a little pricey.  We also got frozen yogurt at Pinkberry which was delicious.  We walked through H&M, one of my favorite stores of all time.  I really like a blazer they're selling, but I didn't see my size so I'll go back sometime and double check.  My goal for this fall is to get some knee-high riding boots and a classic blazer.  I want to be as chic as possible for our trip to Paris later this year.  (Can't wait!)  We shopped at Spinney's and got supplies for the week, milk and cereal and Coke Light.  Now that I'm not limiting my intake of caffeine we're running through lots more Coke Light. 

Sunday was a normal day, until Benjamin barfed on me while we were praying after reading his nighttime Bible story and "Goodnight Moon".  That was shocking and new, other than the usual baby spit-up I'd never seen him barf before.  So I changed his pajamas and started a load of wash (most of it landed on my jeans).  I was hopeful that it was just a product of two bottom molars coming through, but there had been a 24-hour flu circulating around the embassy, and I think that's what this was.  We put him to bed and about 90 minutes later, he started crying and we went in.  Ugh.  Barf everywhere in the crib, and on him.  He'd had a bath earlier that evening, but I gave him to Thomas to do another bath while I stripped the sheets, started more laundry, and tried to scrub everything down.  I'm glad that the mom-mode sets in, but I was so on alert that it took me a long time to finally go to bed.  Thankfully friends on Facebook gave me great advice, as well as two girls I'm friends with here whom I emailed in panic about what to do.  So I expected more disasters during the night, but Benjamin was a champ and slept straight through, no issues.

Monday morning I was hopeful that maybe it was just a teething event and I could do my Arabic class, but sadly, no.  After Thomas left for work Ben barfed, then again about 20 minutes later.  After that he played a while but then took a nap from 9am-10:15am.  I was able to get a shower, many days overdue.  Emy came, and I explained that I would be home with Benjamin because he was sick.  So she cleaned, which was an incredible blessing.  And washed the large pile of dishes.  And finished laundry, folding and all.  She is an angel.  Thomas came home at lunch to get the car so he could do some grocery shopping on the way home, since we needed bananas and other random stuff.  Oh and we discovered that the small grocery store near the embassy carries Haribo gummy bears, so sorry Mom and Dad for making you send me some!  But I will still eat and enjoy them. 

Thomas got Benjamin to eat some applesauce, and I gave him some Tylenol.  He didn't drink much until dinnertime, but I guess that's normal.  My lesson is learned, I'm not giving him milk tomorrow morning like I did today.  This morning he drank almost the whole cup full, 10oz, which is why I think he barfed.  I made some homemade Pedialyte, which he wasn't so sure about.  It uses apple juice, water and salt and baking soda.  Since he usually drinks just water, he wasn't completely on board with the juice mixture.  But he had some water with dinner, so hopefully things will be okay. 

This afternoon we watched "Toy Story" 1 & 2, mostly it was just on in the background while he played and looked at books.  He seemed in good spirits, a little more snuggly than normal, but otherwise okay.  He took a great nap from 1-4pm, so I hope he's getting some strength back and maybe tomorrow will be more of a normal day.  He's a trooper.  Fingers crossed we're done with the barfing and he'll be over it soon. 

I took a quick video of him tonight, he likes to scare us and be scared when we say "Boo".  Even while sick he's still sweet. 

Tonight before Thomas got home we listened to some shagging music and danced a little in the kitchen.  It was great listening to beach music and appreciating my cultural heritage.  And Thomas was able to hook up the VPN to our new router, so we can now watch Netflix and Hulu on the TV.  Magical!  I just need to figure out if I can get the BBC iPlayer to work on the PS3 so I can watch the new season of "Downton Abbey".  Fingers crossed.


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