Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today, three weeks after hearing that I'd had a miscarriage, the trips to the doctor are now over.  Thank the Lord.  I'd retained some blood after the D&C and it's now gone, after my kind doctor got another doctor from a different country to bring him some medicine for  me that isn't sold in Jordan.  I'm so glad to not have to deal with another procedure, however minor or routine.  And I won't have to make my weekly trips to see the doctor, which was super annoying.  I'm ready to take a couple months off, until after Christmas at least, before we start fertility treatments again.  Pray that God will allow us to get pregnant without intervention and that we'll be patient and trust entirely on Him, for all things.

Quick highlights over the past week:

The Ikea hardware came for the crib, so Benjamin is now back in his normal bed.  Yay!

Benjamin is now waking up at 6am, which is the absolute worst.  Just a couple months ago he would go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 9am.  I'm not doing well making the adjustment.  Oh and he's not doing much in the way of afternoon naps, either.  It's just a disaster over here.

Still no news about the car, it's still sitting at the airport.  I'm truly angry about this, especially now that it sounds like the brakes are squealing on the van.  And this after the seller said he put new ones on recently.  Yeah, right.  I despise that man.

Last Friday night we ate at California Mexican, a little restaurant that is evidently the closest you can get to Chipotle here.  Um, not even close.  But it wasn't bad.  And then for dessert we went to (you guessed it) Pinkberry at Taj mall.  Super delicious.  It was a nice early birthday dinner for Thomas.  Then on his actual birthday on Saturday, Emy babysat and we hung out at Baraka Mall and drank coffee (iced tea for me), then had lunch at the food court shawarma place before the "Bourne Legacy" movie started.  It was the first showing of the day (1:30pm) and it had been out for a while, but I was still surprised when we were the only people in the theater.  Good times.  Later, Thomas grilled steaks and we had baked potatoes and peas for his birthday dinner.  It was a really good day.

Last night (Monday) it rained for the first time since we moved here, in July.  Yeah, we live in the desert.  We need to get a cover for the gas grill, I didn't think it would be necessary but it's probably a good idea since they do sometimes get snow here.

On Sunday Thomas brought home a ton of packages, we got one from my parents (yay!) and an Amazon one, some jeans I'd ordered from Old Navy, and stuff I can't even remember right now.  Man, it's so fun to get mail.  And I'm really excited about my new jeans, they're super dark (at least for now, wait until I accidentally wash them in hot water) and skinny but not skin-tight.  They'll work great under the boots I'm planning to order, as soon as Thomas gives me the green light.  Even though it was 90 degrees a couple days ago, I can't wait to start wearing fall clothes.  I'm sad I won't be wearing my fun maternity stuff, which I packed just in case.  But maybe later on.  Sniff.

Hm, what else.  One of Benjamin's lower molars has broken through, but just one part.  And the other is just right below the surface.  I'm hoping that once they come through we'll have a hiatus from teething for a while.

This coming weekend is the Columbus Day holiday, so I'm hoping we can do a day trip or stay somewhere overnight for fun.  Maybe Petra or Wadi Rum, who knows.  And we still haven't done any sightseeing in Amman, so that's on the list.    

Oh one last thing, I've been debating about whether to try cutting Benjamin's hair or take him to the barber at the embassy.  I feel like it will be less stressful for him if I do it, but I'm totally ignorant of how to cut hair.  I don't want to cut it close to his head, it just needs to get trimmed up.  Some of his hair is so long it's straightened out and other parts are still curly, so I think if I trim it all, it'll go back to being curly.  That is my hope, though it might not end up happening.  Any advice from home-hair-cutters out there?


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