Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Combo

And no, I don't mean the equally delicious and gross pretzel-and-cheese snack that is requisite on all youth group trips.  This is the combined news for Thursday and Friday.

Thursday morning a new friend came over, Heather recently moved here with her husband and two boys.  We had been friends on Facebook for a while through a mutual friend in DC (hey Jenny!) who knew we were both getting posted to Amman.  It was great to have a morning chat, eat some muffins and drink hot tea.  Benjamin took a good nap so it was adults-only for most of the time.  And she brought me a gift box of fun Dead Sea soaps, so I'm going to be diving into that shortly.  It was so much fun to just talk and hang out, I hope we can do it again soon.  Yay for friends!

I meant to go grocery shopping Thursday afternoon, but some embassy guys came over to paint around the new AC unit that was installed earlier in the week.  When they took the old one out, there was a rectangle of pink left behind (all the walls are cream).  The new unit sits in a slightly different spot, so the old gaping hole for the tubing and the pink were really not adding much to the family room decor.  Thankfully the painting took all of 20 minutes, and then they left.  Much later in the afternoon the shipping guys came to pick up the boxes that had been hanging out in the living room after we finally unpacked everything from the HHE.  So now the living room is back to normal, and we can finally live like normal people with all our junk.

Thursday evening I picked Thomas up from work and we stopped by the Meat Master store to get some steaks to grill.  Oh man, I love this gas grill.  There's no prep time, you just throw it on there and it's done in less than 10 minutes.  Amazing.  I need to plan out a night to have people over and grill out, especially since the weather is lovely at night.  It's still pretty warm during the day, but I think tomorrow (Saturday) is the official start of Autumn here, so temperatures should start to fall and it might rain some.  We've had an unending stretch of gorgeous blue skies, so a little rain will be different but good.

Friday morning we went to church, I contributed juice again (I can just buy it, no cooking involved) and we met the official pastor and his wife.  They are very nice, and Thomas said the preaching was good.  I hung out with Benjamin and the kids, cause he's still not totally comfortable just playing away from us.  Which is weird, he's fine with Emy when I'm gone.  Maybe he doesn't like being separated when he knows I'm there?  Anyway, I hope it ends soon.  Kind of annoying.  I miss doing the nursery drop-off thing, but the Saturday night service just starts too late for us.  Oh well.  And now that Benjamin is going to bed a little earlier, around 7:30pm, it would really be a disaster.

Ben took a good nap in the afternoon, so I painted my nails and Thomas played Battlefield on the PS3.  I'm irritated that the game works over here, I was hoping multiplayer wouldn't be an option.  Grrr.  But it was nice to just hang out and relax.  For dinner we went to some friends' house and hung out with a bunch of embassy folks, there were about 6 kids in attendance and it was fun chaos.  Good times.  It's so nice to feel like we know and enjoy these people, and I think we're going to have a good two years.  Now that the HHE is here and the car is hopefully close to being approved, it's starting to be more of a "we actually live here now" situation, and if we can get off our rear ends and start doing some sightseeing, I think it's going to be an awesome experience.  There's lots to see and do around Amman, we just need to motivate ourselves to get out and about.  But homebodies that we are, that can be difficult.  As Barney on HIMYM would say: "Mission accepted".

Over and out,

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