Monday, September 10, 2012

Video time

Sunday was a basically boring day.  Benjamin and I hung out and then some furniture guys from the embassy came over to deliver a few lamps and another TV table, which I'm using as a changing table.  They took away the boxes from the UAB and two twin beds.  The rooms feel bigger now.  But they didn't have a queen bed to bring for the guest room, hopefully that will be available after the 15th or so.  Evidently there's a new shipment coming with more furniture for the warehouse.  Our first guest won't be coming until November, so we have some time to get things settled.  No word yet on the HHE, but fingers crossed this week or next.

We went out to Spinney's for a quick grocery run.  I was really craving some cheese dip, so I got Velveeta in lieu of Old English cheese, cream cheese and mixed that with salsa and some black beans.  Not as great as the recipe Alison taught me in college, which I practically survived on for a month senior year, but not bad.  A major bummer, though, I scraped the side of the van on a curve getting into the garage.  :-( 

Monday Emy came, which was desperately needed.  Only having her come two days a week means the floors get really dirty.  There's an insane amount of dust that comes with living in the desert, and Benjamin's feet were black by tonight.  It was great to get out and go to class and have lunch with Thomas.  I picked up the recent addition to our class, she lives pretty close.  It was fun to chat while driving around.

Here are two videos of Benjamin and Thomas playing.  Fun!  The app is Super 8, or My Reels, something like that. 

Tonight Thomas went out to smoke cigars with a friend, so I'm finishing up season one of "Happy Endings".  Such a funny show.  The first disc of "Homeland" is on its way, and I can't wait to see it!  One of Thomas's coworkers is starting an informal book club, and I'm looking forward to getting together with some ladies and chatting about a new book.  I really need motivation to read something new and different.  I always revert to classics, like Austen or "Jane Eyre", but I know there's lots of contemporary fiction that's worthwhile too.  The first book we're reading is The Dog Stars, which I had never heard of before, but seems interesting.  Oh I do read silly teen fiction, but that's like a candy bar, it's gone in 3 minutes and you feel a little sick afterwards.  So I hope the book gets here soon so I can read it and actually form an opinion and thoughts to contribute.  Like an adult!  Whee.

Hope y'all are well,


  1. We enjoyed the videos! Ben's really grown.

    1. Thanks, Dad! He's getting big, I'm looking forward to getting his 3T clothes out of the HHE to see if anything fits.