Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lots of Pictures

Hey y'all,

Benjamin woke up at 7am which was awful but he took a little morning nap, then we ate lunch with Thomas.  In the afternoon some guys from the embassy came to move furniture around in the guest room, so Thomas was able to set up the computer this evening.  We thought they would also remove all the crazy boxes filling up the formal living/dining room, but no such luck.  Hopefully tomorrow the shipping office will send some people.  But another couple guys came and took the "welcome kit" stuff, the loaner TV and towels and sheets, etc.  And yet another two guys came in the evening and reconfigured the gas grill and hooked it up, so we have a working grill now.  It was a busy day of people coming in and out, but it's nice to feel like things are getting done.

Benjamin took a good afternoon nap so I got to rest and relax a bit.  He's been really thirsty recently, and also has two molars coming in on the bottom.  He was pretty fussy today, but I'm sure the teeth are to blame.  He likes to drink and walk, he started over by the coffee table (that has toys on it) and walked to see me.  

So far away, must get closer.

Is that better?

Why are you taking my picture all the time?!

Oh, 'cause I'm the cutest and sweetest.
At lunch with Thomas he brought my watch, which arrived in the morning.  I like it, it's large but I don't think it's overwhelming.  The face is blue, but it's very dark and passes for black unless you really look at it, or see it in daylight.

Now we're watching SNL on AFN and enjoying the memory of our delicious dinner.  Thomas hit the grocery store on the way home and got steaks and potatoes and broccoli.  We broke in the grill and it's amazing how much faster it is than the charcoal grill we used in Virginia.  I love that it's instantaneous.  I think we'll get some good use out of it.  I'm hoping we can do a big grill-out with the Marine neighbors soon. 

Hope everyone has a good week!