Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Traveling day

It's hard to look forward to spending 10 hours on a plane with a 17 month old, but I'm still excited to fly.  We'll leave today and get in to Amman Thursday afternoon.  We're not 100% sure that all our bags will fit in the rental car even though we got a full-sized just for hauling luggage. 

An aside- I've really enjoyed driving a (more) powerful car.  We rented a recent-year Impala and that thing will move.  Especially coming off of driving tiny cars and then my huge Cruiser, it's so fun to quickly get up to speed.  I might be in trouble if we ever bought something that fast.  But as for the interior and controls, I've spent too much time in Toyotas to appreciate the Chevy aesthetic.  And the door ate my leg. 

Right now hubby is running errands and I'm hoping baby will take a good nap while I relax a little and survey the wreckage that is overstuffed bags and way too much junk.  I'll try to post again once we get there but we're not sure when Internet will get hooked up, etc.  Pray for us, pray for safe travel and sanity and patience and grace toward each other and the other passengers and flight crew.

Over and out,

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