Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Monday, right?

Today was completely un-fun.  Benjamin had to be awoken this morning, which never happens.  Poor baby is sick (still? again?) and I was very stressed this afternoon when his temperature got to 100.4 degrees.  I remembered that being the temp at which you definitely bring an infant into the pediatrician, so I freaked out and called the health clinic at the embassy.  Then I googled around and it turns out for babies over a certain age (now I can't even remember, my brain is so fried) that it's really 103, taken from the armpit, when it's an emergency.  I had never seen Ben with a high temperature last so long, and not go down with Motrin and a lukewarm bath.  Pray that he gets better and sleeps through the night.  He's so tired, he hasn't fussed at all when I put him down for a nap.  Makes me sad.

This morning I was going to attempt a playgroup, Kristin had invited me and was going to pick us up.  But with Benjamin not being 100% and me still sneezing every 10 seconds, it seemed wiser to stay home.  So other than both of us not feeling good, it was a very boring day.  I did a little laundry and finally put our sheets on the bed in the master bedroom.  We'd been living with the temporary sheets and Thomas finally said that they needed to go.  They aren't great, and it's not like we sleep on some crazy thread-count, they are just rough and scratchy and bad.  Smell you later, sheets!

Tonight pretty soon after Thomas got home we interviewed another prospective housekeeper.  She was much more personable than the other girl, and I think Ben would enjoy her a lot.  She does cooking and cleaning and babysitting, which is awesome.  Her schedule availability isn't as great as the other candidate, who can come mornings until 3, which is perfect.  The second girl, Mylene, has many other jobs and would be able to come certain days.  Which might not be bad, and maybe I would get annoyed having someone come to my house every day.  We really need to pray about it and make sure we're not just doing what we want but considering God's plan.  Mylene would need to be sponsored, so we'd potentially be on the hook for her plane ticket home at the end of two years.  But, everyone says it's not a big deal.  Pray for us, that we make a good decision and can live with it.

Hm what else... oh I took a couple pictures of Benjamin playing, he's still adorable even though he's not feeling well.  He's really enjoying his lift-the-flap book Alison got him as part of his surprise presents for the plane.  Thanks, Alison!

Poor baby, he's so wrecked.  Hopefully we can all get well and be our best selves again soon.  I'm thinking that I might do a couple more interviews, just to be sure about stuff.  And I don't want to feel rushed and then be stuck with someone that I don't like or isn't good.  So stressful, I just wish I didn't have to actually choose a person, if they just assigned you someone that would be much easier.  Anyway, off to watch some TV and then sleep!

Night y'all,

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