Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cough. Sniff. Sneeze. Repeat.


We went to the embassy Wednesday morning for another round of orientation, which was pretty painless.  And we got our badges, so no more turning over the passport/getting a visitor's badge nonsense.  I'm official, I swipe through the gate like everybody else now.  Yay!  We also checked out the health clinic and the nurse gave us some medicine and suggested hot tea with lemon and honey for me.  That has helped a little, and aside from major congestion and ridiculous sinus pressure... yeah I'm still miserable. 

After waiting around to speak with the nurse, Benjamin was at the end of his rope, with Thomas and me not far behind.  We ate an early lunch at the cafe (is chicken fingers four days in a row excessive?) and then Thomas cabbed it home with us.  He turned right around and went back to work, but it's still nice to have him give directions.  We saw Kristin and her husband at the cafe and we set up a trip to go shopping in the afternoon, while her maid/nanny watched her two kids.  Ben and I rested a bit then she came and got us.

We went to Carrefour, a French version of Wal-Mart.  Seriously, this place was huge- two stories tall and gigantic.  It's attached to City Mall, which is very fancy and has lots of American and international brand stores.  They have an H&M!  I will be going back there...  After parking in the crowded underground garage, we both got carts and commenced shopping.  The store was full when we went in and by the time we left, it was super crowded.  Everyone was out shopping for Iftar, the meal that breaks the fast.  Kristin told me that some people come from the Arabian peninsula to Amman for Ramadan, since it's cooler here (??!!) and they aren't supposed to eat or drink anything during the day, even water.  Dude, that is rough.  So we were weaving around tons of people, but I didn't run into anyone.  Ben did well, no fussing.  And people here are very friendly to babies, so the checkout guy was playing with Ben's feet and making friends.  In the States it might weird me out, but here it's nice.

I felt really run down and tired while shopping, but after getting home I got a second wind.  Ben and I got snacks and played a bit, then Thomas came home.  Even though he's still sick, he was kind enough to make a delicious pasta dinner with garlic toast.  So all in all a good day, even though I felt awful pretty much constantly.  Oh and at Carrefour I got a hairdryer, so I can start to look normal again!  This post-baby curly-ish hair isn't my bag.  Here's Ben in a happy moment, just hanging out at home.  (Trying a new filter, not really loving it.)

Tomorrow I will try to make a list of all the maid/nanny options to call and set up interviews.  Not sure how to evaluate the cooking part of the equation, but maybe that will be a hope for the best situation.  Continue to pray that we all recover fully and speedily.  Since we don't have to be at any meetings tomorrow, Benjamin and I can sleep in a bit and hopefully have a low-key day.  Thank the Lord.

Stuffily yours,

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