Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Case of the Mondays


Well we're all officially sick with cold-like symptoms, possibly just a combo of the dry air and altitude and general dustiness.  Hmm, desert living.  So anyway, we're all scratchy throat-ed and cranky.  Benjamin has started screaming when we put him down, then waking up two hours later to do it again.  Fingers crossed tonight will be better.  Oh and last night Thomas and I both woke up around 2am, wide awake.  Jet lag, you are a beast.  Really hoping tonight we'll sleep straight through, since all three of us are going to an orientation meeting tomorrow.

Despite feeling miserable, Benjamin and I got to hang out with Kristin, our embassy friend, and her two boys today before lunch.  We had a good time getting out of the house and doing something different, then she took me and Ben to the embassy to eat lunch at the cafe-thing (not bad, and free refills on Diet Coke!).  We got to see Thomas quickly as he was picking up his lunch to go, then checked out the mail room.  I had ordered some Target brand diapers maybe two weeks ago, if that, and they had already arrived!  In a gigantic box too, there were 3 large boxes of diapers.  So Kristin kindly wheeled that out to her car on a mail room cart and then we headed home.  It was a great outing, then Ben and I both napped.  Which was glorious.

For dinner we walked over to another friend's place not too far away and happily ate their food and hung out with them and their three boys.  Lots of young families seem to be out here, which is great.  So it's nice to be meeting new people and getting out of the house.  That seems to be the key to contentment, since when I'm at home I get a little stir-crazy and especially not feeling great, I tend to just whine and complain to myself.

Our host at dinner gave us a couple basil plants, so that will be fun for Thomas to keep up his gardening.   I'm sure the green peppers back at our place in Arlington will be in fine form.  Sad to miss out on that.  But since we have outdoor space, we can do some container stuff.  And we have grapevines and a couple trees, I think one lime and one apple.  It's pretty unusual to have an actual garden so we feel really blessed.  Pictures to come!

Now it's time to wind down and possibly go to bed at 9:30pm.  Ugh.  Can't wait to feel normal again and be on the right schedule!

Nighty night,


  1. So happy to hear that there are other young families there and they all seem so nice! Sorry you are all not feeling well. I would imagine it would take some time adapting to a new area of the world. We miss you, but I still feel like you are right around the corner thanks to this blog!

    1. Jenny, that's so sweet! I miss you too, and our fun lunches at the bagel place. I know it's going to fly by and we'll be back before you know it, but getting over this cold might take the whole two years. :-) Hope you guys are doing great!