Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Oasis

Hi guys,

So here they are, finally: pictures of our outside spaces.  It's great that we have access to it because even if the day is hot it usually gets to be in the 70s at night and is super comfortable.  We just have one table and a few chairs at the moment, but I'm hoping to either get another patio set from the GSO (they supply all the furniture to the embassy people) or maybe get one on sale from Carrefour.  All right, let's start!  And yes, you'll see the same pose from Thomas and Benjamin multiple times.

Here is the small grassy area at the front of our place, it's actually to the left of our front door.

And now the empty patio to the right of our front door, actually it's next to the main entrance to the apartment building, where the elevator is.  The double doors lead into the family room, so it would be awesome to have a lounge-y area, especially when we have company. 

As you walk down the steps there's a green space on the right, and then you dead-end into the carport.  It's a large space and can hold two cars, and it's just for us!  There's an underground garage too, but I don't think we'll need to use it.  Oh and people park on the street, but I guess it's nicer to have a shaded spot since it does get super hot.  If you look over the side of the carport, you'll see a little view of other apartment buildings.  And if you look down, you'll see that we're next to a vacant lot with a couple dumpsters.  Lovely, right?  Even better, evidently Bedouins come around at night and burn trash.  Not sure if that's totally accurate, but there is burning as evidenced by the scorch marks.  And the vacant lots are everywhere, it's odd.

At the back of the carport are some grapevines, the brown bags are to keep ants off.  I'm really looking forward to having some fruit from our land, how homesteading of us.  And not doing any labor adds to the awesomeness.  There are three lime trees and another bush with fruit but we don't know what it is.

There's a left turn at the end of the garden, with a walkway around to the patio off the kitchen.  There's a fairly overgrown tree that you have to duck under.  To the left of the kitchen door we have a large window, but there's not much of a view.  Maybe we'll get some plants, or probably not.  We're excited to eventually get the gas grill we bought before moving so we can have some cook outs.  I feel like this is a great place to entertain, we just don't have anything so we have to wait.  C'mon HHE, get here.

So that's the outside of the apartment.  As for Friday's recap, I slept in until 9am, but Thomas took some Sudafed Thursday night and didn't sleep much at all, so we lazed about and took naps, generally relaxed all day.  It was nice to just hang out.  And Thomas checked out a minivan as a possibility for the second car, which would be my vehicle and he would drive the Cruiser whenever it shows up.  I would miss driving the big car, but I imagine life would be easier hauling Benjamin in the van.  We'll see if another seller gives us a call, but hopefully we can get something lined up soon.  Fingers crossed!


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