Saturday, July 21, 2012

Traveling Day, Part 2: The Longest Day


We are in Amman and now, day 2, we're feeling pretty good.  We arrived on Thursday and let me tell you, that was a long trip.  First off we got to Dulles and while Thomas returned the rental car, I waited with Benjamin and our mountain of bags.

We checked in and got on the plane, but sat for two hours on the tarmac because of some storms along the East Coast.  Benjamin was pretty good for that flight, Dulles to Vienna, and the pilot went at max speed to make up for the time lost.  We got into Vienna with about 20 minutes to make our connection to Amman and miraculously got to the gate with 10 minutes to spare.  Benjamin fussed the entire flight, three hours.  It was horrendous.  But we arrived and there was a guy to meet us, we got our baggage (All of it came!  Even with the short layover!) and we headed into Amman.  Along the way we passed a group of camels and it hit me, I live in the Middle East now. 

We got to the apartment, looked around and Thomas made spaghetti and put Benjamin to bed.  I was pretty useless, I fell asleep on the couch while Thomas was reading Ben his bedtime books.  We put Benjamin down and then we went to bed directly after.  It was a super long day, made longer by Benjamin not having napped the day we left, so he was up for 24 hours and definitely showing it.  He's doing much better now though, I think he's turned the corner.  And despite waking up at midnight last night and needing a snack and some reading time, Thomas and I are feeling pretty good. 

We miss everyone back home and the convenience of speaking the language of the land, but we're excited to explore our neighborhood and the fun sights nearby.  Next post: the apartment!

Shukran for reading-

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