Monday, October 15, 2012

Shave and a Haircut

Saturday was very laid back, we were all a little tired from all the fun and excitement of hosting church on Friday morning.  So we hung out at home in the morning, ate lunch at a pizza bistro/cafe thing at the mall, and got Pinkberry on the way out.  We made it home by 1pm so we could put Benjamin down for his nap.  One day last week I discovered that if he falls asleep in the car before we get home, he won't take his nap.  Which is bad.  So, home by 1pm no matter what.

I made some more sausage biscuit bites, experimenting with adding a little pepper and crushed red pepper flake.  I honestly think the original with no spices tastes better, but it's nice to try something different.  Thomas took the opportunity of a lazy morning to shave, which is only a weekly activity for him now.  I hope he'll grow back the beard, but he claims he won't.  We'll see about that.

Saturday night/early Sunday morning Benjamin woke up about 3 times between 2:30 and 4.  I had a really hard time going back to sleep and Thomas just stayed up to watch the second half of the Carolina game.  Such a bummer that we lost, and it was so close.  Argh.  Oh well, doesn't mean we can't still win the SEC East.  Let's beat Florida!  I slept in a little and Benjamin was quiet until 8am, so that's the silver lining.  Thomas drove himself to work since I was useless, then he came and picked us up so we could do lunch and I could give him a package to mail.  It was nice getting out of the house, and eating my usual chicken Caesar salad. 

It was a race against the clock again Sunday afternoon to get Benjamin down for his nap, but we succeeded.  We got a huge box from Target in the mail, diapers and wipes and mascara and cold cream, some toddler toothpaste and a baby gift for Emily, the pregnant girl from my Arabic class.  We also got some shears from Amazon, so this evening I cut Benjamin's hair.  It was getting a little crazy and tangle-y, so I took the plunge.  Of course now I totally regret it, but I'll give you the photographic evidence so you can make your own decision.  Ben wasn't too sure about it, but Thomas distracted him with "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and then gave it a once-over and fixed a couple things.  It's still a total hack job, but I'm hoping in a week or two it'll grow enough to not be too noticeable.

Benjamin loves going through his clothes drawers and pulling things out.

Thankfully he can also put them back in, as seen here.          

One of the last shots of the curls, while he plays with blocks.

Before commencing surgery.

After a bath, much less curly.

Well I wrote all that yesterday and planned to publish it then, but our Internet has been the hugest hassle and we didn't have any gigs left, so I had to wait until this evening.  While I'm at it, I'll just recap today and do some extra pictures.  Benjamin woke up once during the night, which was sad but then he slept until 8:30 which was a-maz-ing.  He was pretty sweet this morning, then I left for class.  Thomas and I had a quick lunch, then I brought him home so he could grab something then dropped him back at work.  I bought some cleaning stuff at the little grocery store near the embassy and headed home.  Benjamin was down for his nap, so I just hung out and let Emy do her thing. 

After he woke up, Ben was more of a pill and so the afternoon wasn't great.  My outlet is to mindlessly surf the Internet and without that relaxation while he slept, I was not in a great mood.  We picked Thomas up from work and ordered Indian food for dinner.  And again, the delivery guy (who did speak English) couldn't find our place.  ARGH.  I was completely enraged.  A combination of all the little annoyances and Benjamin's fussiness just took over and I was sooo mad.  Thomas washed dishes while I put Ben to bed then he left to fix our Internet issue while I polished off the chocolate ice cream.  But I'm happy to report that everything is working great, and I can finally upload pictures and look at my silly blogs.  Thank heavens.  Here's hoping the unlimited Internet kicks in tomorrow...

During his snack, I trimmed around the ears.  I think it's passable now.

And with that, I bid you farewell.  Etsy awaits...



  1. Great haircut! You've got a second career

    1. Hey Dad,
      Thanks! Thomas might not let me do it again. :-)