Thursday, October 18, 2012


I know I've been posting more like every-other-day-ish, but I thought since yesterday ended on such a downer, I'd do a more picture-heavy, emotion-light one to cleanse the palate.

Today was good, Benjamin and I went grocery shopping in the morning.  We stopped by the fruit guys, and I used a little of my Arabic: maws = banana, xoch = plums.  The "x" is a very gutteral, coughing type sound.  They have lots of letters that we just can't pronounce as westerners/Americans.  But the guys understood me.  Oh and bataata =  potatoes.  Pretty easy, that one.

We also ran into the little grocery store nearby, and I got some bread and a couple bottles of juice.  I'd like for Benjamin to drink a little juice every now and then, but I tried a little apple juice in his water and he totally refused it.  Maybe I missed the window?  But I wanted to keep his sugar consumption down so hopefully he won't be as addicted to it as I am.  I'd like him to be healthy like Thomas.  We had a low-key afternoon, just hung out at home and played. 

My parents had saved this toy and book from when I was little, I don't know if it was my sister Sarah's originally.  But Benjamin likes it, it's about a squirrel family who make their home out of a hollow log.  The book is "Lightning Strikes Twice" and the toy includes the little house, Mom Dad and little squirrel, and the mailman/bird.  Ben had a good time opening and closing the front. 

Isn't that the sweetest face you've ever seen?

For lunch, I gave Benjamin some cornbread and hot dogs, warmed up in the oven.  The from-scratch recipe that I'm using isn't great, it falls apart and when I attempt the corn dog mini-muffins, it's a battle getting them out of the pan.  So it's not pretty, but he seems to think it tastes good.  (The first time I made them, I used a Trader Joe's box mix from our HHE.  That stuff is delicious!  If anyone in the vicinity of a TJ wants to mail me some, I will totally reimburse you...)


You can see that the hotdogs went first.  Thankfully the co-op sells Hebrew National brand, which are pretty delicious.  And we've been buying a lot of Tyson's chicken nuggets, those are a hit too.  I'm excited that he's getting more protein now, but it's a little more expensive than the old PB&J, which he now refuses to eat.  But he's still a total fruit eater, he loves bananas and apples and plums.  The pears have been delicious here recently, and he finished ours up today.  I need to drop by the fruit guys again, I forgot to get pears this morning.  Doh.

So, today's been better.  A long day with Benjamin being super fussy, because I think he must be getting more than just the one molar in.  But maybe in a week we'll be done with teething for a while.  That would be magical.  Other than that, a good day.  Thomas installed the other car seat in my car, and our Boab finally washed it tonight.  (After Thomas asked him to.)  And I'm still addicted to Etsy, I'm going to ask Thomas if I can order this ring for my birthday/Xmas present.  I love yellow, and it's different than anything I have.  But I like almost everything she makes.  I wish I could make jewelry like she does.  I would just make lots of fun stuff for me and to give as gifts.  Oh to be creative and capable.


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