Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Surprise Arrival

Here we go...

I woke up Saturday morning, looking forward to a relaxed day taking my friend to the embassy pool and letting her acclimate to the city and the time zone.  But instead, we went to the hospital at 9:30am and Daniel Knox was born at 3:30pm!  Welcome, tiny man.  You are very loved.

I had been a little freaked out about having labor go super fast the second time around, but it actually went a little slower, at least at the beginning.  I was able to walk around and get things going a bit before succumbing to the epidural.  The anesthesiologist was the same nice man who did my D&C, and it was a super quick and easy process.  Earlier in the morning my OB said that I had the option to go home, as I wasn't very far along but I'm glad Thomas convinced me to stay.  And I didn't need any Pitocin or other labor-enhancing drugs, which was a blessing.  All in all, it was as pain-free as I could wish it.  Praise the Lord!

My sweet friend, who had arrived just over 24 hours before, stayed home with Benjamin for two solid days, then we came home Monday morning a bit before lunch.  Our hospital room was one of the biggest available, and while it was so great to have space to walk around and recover, I was ready to get home.  Not to knock Virginia Hospital Center, but my bathroom at Farah was the size of our room at VHC.  Thomas had his own bedroom and full bath, and there were two sitting rooms, one for the guys with leather couches and the other for the ladies.  I was impressed with the food at Farah Hospital and the nurses were generally very responsive and helpful.

Proud daddy.

We could hear large parties happening in the other suites on our floor, people would be eating gigantic buffets of food and talking until 11 at night.  It was nuts.  Thankfully despite the Arab nighttime culture we were able to get some good rest.  So far Daniel has been a good nurser, fingers crossed I can make enough milk and we can skip doing the full-on formula and bottles scene.

Postpartum bump, day 3 (Monday).  Go away, please.

Benjamin has been mostly good, some fussiness and nighttime tantrums, usually around dinner and what food he needs to eat.  But he asks about Baby Brother Daniel and wants to see him, and he gets lots of attention from my dear friend and Thomas, and Emy when she's here.  It'll be a shock when Thomas goes back to work, and when my friend leaves, but right now we're in a pretty good groove.

Ready to go home!

Today (Wednesday) we went back to the hospital for the newborn blood screening, and then ate lunch at the embassy.  We also got Daniel his first immunization shots, so it was a big morning for us.  I even nursed him at the hospital, and at the embassy.  I'm so grateful that it seems to be working alright, but we're still supplementing a little (with a syringe, to avoid nipple confusion).

I think that's about it, we're just living feeding to feeding and attempting to remain showered.  Pray for a good milk supply, and continued good health for all of us.  And also for our safety in Jordan, as the Syria situation gets more complicated.  I'm still glad I had the baby here, but the news does stress me out a bit.

More to come...

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