Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Makes Four

So here we are, two weeks into being a family of four!  Life is pretty crazy and hectic, but it's been an amazing help to have Thomas home from work for these two weeks, and having my dear friend here, playing with Benjamin and helping him feel more at ease with all the changes.  I'm a little nervous about beginning the transition to "real life" with less help, but I know God will provide.  Please pray that I will have patience with Benjamin, and make time to really interact with him during the day.  Also that I will have energy and motivation to pump and try to increase my milk supply.  Mostly it seems okay, but there are times where Daniel seems extra hungry and in the evenings we've been giving him lots of formula.  (Still with the syringe, but honestly I'm looking forward to the 4-week mark when I'll be able to give him bottles if it's still necessary.) 

Our friend Jenn took some fun pictures of Daniel for us!  Super cute!

Thankfully Daniel is still a good nurser, but I'm not 100% sure it's working out great since we're supplementing.  The local lactation consultant is back in town and I'll meet with her next week, fingers crossed she'll be able to clear up any questions.  And if it turns out I need to be doing more formula, that's fine, I'm trying not to wrap up my worth in whether or not I can breastfeed this baby. 

Building tall towers, trying to smile.  :-)

I'm feeling pretty much back to normal, except for waking up a few times at night.  But as long as I can grab a nap at some point I can make it through.  Thomas has started drinking coffee, but I'm holding off on starting up that habit.  Diet Coke once a day is holding me over, along with sweet tea. 

Sleepy dude.

This past week our awesome friends here brought us dinner every night!  It was such a blessing to have delicious meals with zero effort on my part.  It'll be another sad transition back to normal life now that the food train has stopped rolling.  But we have a stocked fridge and freezer, thanks to Thomas volunteering to grocery shop yesterday morning.  Husband points galore!

Benjamin loves to give Daniel kisses and pats.

I'm sure posts will be fewer now that life has drastically changed, but I'll try to keep some updates coming whenever possible.  Thanks for all your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery, it definitely exceeded my expectations.  Please continue to pray for us, that nursing is successful and everyone stays healthy.  Most of all, for safety and peace in this time of uncertainty with all the Syria business. 


Sweet baby.

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