Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lots o' Boxes

Because the embassy was closed for a week, we got a deluge of mail this week.  It's amazing how much getting packages improves my day, even if it's a new ice cream scoop, or laundry detergent.  (Yes, I have it shipped.)  Poor Thomas had to schlep all this into the house, though.  Bonus points to him!

It's like Christmas!

I've been getting anxious about going through labor, and even though we're officially in week 37 and I should have some time, Benjamin came three weeks early and I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.  We got the car seat and stroller set up, I've got diapers in sizes newborn through 2, and our storage and layette shipments are on the way.  I would feel a little better if I had my breast pump here and ready to go, but worst case scenario I can always rent one for a month.  But labor, there's just no way to really prepare. 

So I'm focusing on life after labor, and as dumb as it sounds, I'm ordering some clothes for post-baby.  I know in theory it'll take longer to lose weight this time, with the second baby, but I really want some black jeans for the fall.  And a camel-colored sweater.  And a leopard-print scarf.  So ridiculous, but it's also distracting me from thinking about delivering this baby, so I've spent some time on Pinterest looking at fashion.  I ordered a variety of things from Old Navy, their jeans were on sale, and I can always return them if in a month nothing is working.  But I remember with Benjamin I wore pajamas and a bathrobe for longer than is humanly acceptable, and I'd like to keep up appearances.  Of course after this baby comes I will laugh hysterically at my silly goal, so bear with me.

37 weeks.  Not sure I can get any larger.

I'm really grateful that the baby didn't come right at 37 weeks, but I'm also feeling very heavy and awkward.  The pregnancy waddle is in full effect over here.  But I'm trying to still do fun stuff, last night I went to book club, which was so great.  I really like getting to hang out with interesting women from all backgrounds, none of whom I would have ever met except from being here.  What a blessing.  I'll probably skip the next one in September, and maybe more, but knowing I can slide right back into it after taking some time off is reassuring.  And I'll probably want a night out sooner than I expect!

We're still pretty undecided on a name.  I keep waiting for divine inspiration, or a sign or something.  Not that we had anything like that with Benjamin, we just both liked it and agreed.  Argh.  Time to start looking at baby name websites again.

That's all the news for now, looking forward to a relaxed weekend and keeping my feet up whenever possible.  Pregnancy puffiness is the name of the game at this point.


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