Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In Other News

Well, I had my doctor appointment this afternoon.  It seems I've gained two kilos since last week, so it appears I'm retaining water.  Oh well.  The doctor said my blood pressure looked good, so he's not concerned.  I would still really like to make it to September, so please pray that it won't turn into anything serious.  I'll see the doctor again next week, and then it'll just be a few more days!  So crazy. 

38 weeks.  Feeling very puffy and large.

Notice the guest room is clean and ready for our visitor!

We got our supplemental shipment delivered today, which is fantastic.  We now have my breastpump and assorted bottles, and the bouncy chair and exersaucer, etc.  Everything we used with Benjamin, including all his baby clothes up to 18 months.  Now I'll work on getting everything put away.  Probably some stuff will get donated, we already have a good bit of baby clothes.  Sweet friends have gifted us new things for the baby and I got a pile of hand-me-downs too, so we're totally set.

Now we're just waiting for the layette shipment, which has the new crib.  I'm planning to set up the pack-n-play in our room for the first weeks so it's not totally necessary to get the crib set up and everything, but I'm a planner and would love for it all to be ready to go from day one.  I've gotten a couple new crib sheets and have the new baby's loveys all washed and ready.  I can't remember when we started giving Benjamin his owl to snuggle, but it was maybe a month or two in.  I'm hoping this baby loves his raccoons just as much, Benjamin always gets owl out of the bed and carries him around, and has other toys talk to him.  So fun. 

We've started talking to Benjamin about mommy staying in the hospital for a couple days, which hopefully won't be too strange for him.  I'm trying to think if I've spent any time away from him other than the normal mornings/evenings out.  I can't remember spending nights away, so this will be interesting.  Thankfully I have an amazing friend coming to stay for a while and she'll take care of Benjamin while I'm indisposed.  What a blessing.  I can't wait for her to arrive! 


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