Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nursing, So Far

Monday I met with the local lactation consultant, Julie.  She's very nice and was receptive to my bossy already-decided-not-to-dos, like I've basically given up pumping.  I had tried to do the bare minimum, about three times a day.  But since Thomas is back at work, it's been impossible to do it at all the past few days, so I'm bagging it.  According to how much formula we're giving Daniel, and the chart of what babies his size (up to 8 lbs now!) take, it looks like he's actually getting a substantial amount of breastmilk.  I'm so grateful that nursing is basically working out!  Even with supplementing, it really feels like another miracle.  (The first being Daniel's existence.)

Poat-nursing wrinkly face.

Now I'm just waiting until we can start bottles, which Julie said would be best around 6 weeks.  So, fingers crossed I can convince Thomas to hold off.  He's a trooper with helping during the late night feedings, since I'm usually wrecked after breastfeeding and just want to get back in the bed.  I'm also looking forward to the amazing day when Daniel will sleep through the night.  I really took for granted our "adult time" in the evenings, to watch TV and just hang out.  Now I just want to go to bed immediately at 8pm and snooze as much as possible before the baby wakes up hungry again. 

Reading time with Daddy.

Benjamin is still pretty fussy at random times, but we're trying something new: putting him to bed about a half hour earlier.  Hopefully he'll be a bit happier with some extra rest.  I took Daniel to the embassy and ate lunch with Thomas yesterday, which was a fun break.  I also loaded up on Snickers bars at the co-op on the way out.  Totally necessary.

Still working on smiling on command.

We've gotten two more dinners delivered by sweet friends, which is awesome!  It's so great to have our little community around us.  I'm dreading the day when my good friend flies away, she's been an immense help.  Anyone want to volunteer to come live with us for a month?  What, no takers?


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