Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embracing Hippiedom

After barely tolerating the awful local bread for the past 9 months, I finally decided to make my own.  Benjamin has been on a little bit of an eating strike, I think he must be slowing down growth-wise because he's definitely not eating as much as he was a couple months ago.  Part of it I attribute to the bread going rock-hard 5 minutes after it touches his plate and since he now takes 45 minutes to eat a meal, he wasn't eating very much in the way of sandwiches, which is the default snack.  Many months ago we'd bought our friends' used KitchenAid stand mixer, the larger model, since I'd left mine in storage.  It's been helpful for basic stuff like mixing cake batter, but now it's getting some real use.

A friend gave me an excellent recipe and tips on where to find ingredients, and I plunged in.  I was amazed at how straightforward it was, the time-consuming part is just measuring and getting everything ready to mix.  The mixer is amazing and kneads away, and I do a couple turns by hand just for fun at the end.  I've made two batches so far, and both turned out edible.  I took forever deciding what loaf pans to get, but I settled on two of these cheapish ones and they are awesome.  So I guess I'm turning into a hippie, but decent bread is totally worth it.

First batch, second was basically identical.  Mmm I might make more tomorrow...

Straight out of the oven, before getting washed.  Definitely nonstick!

A few days ago I took Benjamin to the pool by myself for a playdate with friends, and it was really fun.  I was nervous about schlepping all the pool paraphernalia by myself but we made it and had a great time.  Benjamin loves talking about the process of getting ready for the pool, which involves "swim diaper, swim trunks, tiny shirt (rash guard) and scunscreen".  He's such a hoot.  He doesn't swim on his own at all, but I've ordered the arm-swimmy-floaty things and hopefully that will help him be more adventurous.  Benjamin took a great nap that day, so we'll have to make a regular habit of morning pool time, especially now it's in the 80s every day.

This past weekend Thomas and I went to see Iron Man 3, which was really fun.  It had been a while since we had a "day date" and it was nice to get away for a bit and relax and just enjoy the silliness of an action movie.  I really want to see Star Trek and loads of the other fun movies coming out this summer.  I hope Emy is up for lots of babysitting!

Also over the weekend I took the traditional glucose test for pregnant people, to determine if I'm at risk for gestational diabetes.  It's not a big deal, just time-consuming as you have to drink a full glass of sugar water and then sit for an hour, then get blood drawn.  Back home I remember getting a choice of orange or fruit punch flavor, but here you just get the clear glass of glucose.  It was a chore chugging it down and I honestly thought I'd pass out while I was sitting and waiting.  But thankfully the results were normal, which is great because I don't ever want to do the longer test which involves fasting.

24ish weeks.  Excuse the bad lighting, hair, mess, etc.

I had a doctor's appointment today and it was reassuring to see the baby's heart and watch him wiggle a little.  He's pretty active these days, which is always fun.  It hasn't gotten too uncomfortable or awkward yet, the worst is waking up to turn over in bed and also having blocked nasal passages in the middle of the night.  Now that Benjamin is over his cold I'm going to move the humidifier into our room so I can hopefully sleep a full night without needing to blow my nose a hundred times.

That's the news for now!

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