Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

Hey gang,

This past weekend my brother, Joel, came to visit, which was really fun.  He's the first family to make the trek and we tried to squeeze a lot into just three days.  From the airport (which is new and super nice!) we drove to Petra, about a three hour drive.  I packed lunch and drinks since there's not a whole lot on the highway, some gas stations but that's it.  We got in about 2pm and checked into the Movenpick, which was pretty nice and across from the entrance to the historical site.  The guys took off while Benjamin and I napped, which worked perfectly.  They were able to see quite a bit, from the Treasury (which was featured in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade") up to the Monastery. 

Walking through the Siq.

Glimpse of the Treasury.

The Monastery.

Joel treated us to dinner at the rooftop restaurant and it was so nice to sit out at sunset and eat good food and just relax.  The next day we checked out and drove off to the Dead Sea.  I had mapped out what seemed to be the quicker route, following a different highway, but sadly, there was no shortcut and it ended up taking around five hours.  It was excruciating, made worse by the second-world bathroom facilities along the way.  (Pro tip- bring your own toilet paper, and prepare to squat over a hole in the ground.) 

After many hours and much annoyance and frustration, we made it to the Dead Sea Marriott.  I love this hotel, it's so nice and luxurious.  We arrived about 3pm, so I ordered room service for lunch and hung out while Benjamin napped and the guys made it down to the Dead Sea for some floating.  I enjoyed a leisurely shower and some cable TV before we went to dinner.  Thomas and I took Benjamin to the "sports bar" restaurant, which is the only one open before 7pm.  Joel had dinner with a friend who was in town, so he got to escape the fussiness that was Benjamin. 

The next day we went back home to Amman and got settled in, Joel did some solo sightseeing while Thomas and Benjamin and I napped.  Emy was kind and came to babysit in the evening so the adults could go get dinner, we ate at a Chinese place, Ren Chai, which was delicious.  Then Monday I took Joel to the embassy and we met Thomas for lunch.  Joel and I took a quick trip to Rainbow St. to see a slice of downtown then headed home.  Joel got a cab to the airport and left about 3pm, so it was a very quick trip but so nice to have him visit.  Benjamin warmed up to him pretty quickly, and was excited about his new toys.  Thanks, Uncle Joel and Aunt Cassondra!  Looking forward to more family (and friends) coming to visit, hopefully!

Benjamin sporting his new USC hat, which is sadly a little too big, at least right now.

Me at 22ish weeks.  Behind me on the bed you can see the new raccoon loveys for the baby.

Now down to business.  We're excited to be going home in June for R&R, and even though the flight will be awful and jetlag will be the absolute worst, I know it'll be a great time.  I'm not sure whether or not I should just stay, with Benjamin, at my parents' house until the baby comes.  We had planned to stay in Amman for the birth, since medical care here is good.  But with Syria seeming to get even worse and amid mounting uncertainty, I'm feeling a little nervous about staying.  But then again, living apart from Thomas and being a single mom for 3-4 months isn't enticing.  Anyway, please pray that we would have wisdom and that God would really guide our decision.  And if you have experience or advice that applies, please share!

Trying not to be a big ball of stress,


  1. Thanks for the awesome photos! We continue to pray for y'all in this difficult time. You already know my advice: Stay in the U.S.!!! :) Although I know it must be incredibly difficult to be apart, I can't bear to think of you and the two little boys being in danger (or my brother too for that matter, but I guess he has less choice!). That's my highly qualified two cents worth ;). I know you'd have two sets of grandparents there to help, and Lord willing Trevor and me in the US in August... What fun!
    Love to you all,
    Sister/Auntie Priscilla :)

    1. Hey Priscilla!
      I know, we'd love to see you guys over the summer! I think I'm almost settled on staying here, but if God calls us to a different decision we'll keep you posted. :-)