Sunday, December 2, 2012

Random Stuff

Hi there,

It's been a good day.  Benjamin woke up at 8am, which was pretty good for him being sick.  I finally got tired of his hair needing some touching up in the back and gave him a quick trim.  The first picture is an old one.

Notice the line on the back of his head from where I cut it the first time.

It looks more blended now, like a normal haircut.

He was pretty fussy in the morning, though.  I decided to take him to the embassy for lunch to have a change of scene.  We met up with Thomas and had a good time, then headed home so Benjamin could take a nap.  I went through the blog and tried to update any links back to old posts.  It took a while, and then he woke up. 

Lately Benjamin's been loving "Stellaluna" and Richard Scarry's "Big Word Book".  I think he's recognizing more letters and numbers, but I'm not very diligent about going through with him on any sort of schedule.  I want him to just play and we'll start working on "school" later.  But we read a lot and I'll ask him to tell me the colors of his crayons and letter magnets.  He does really well, so that's exciting.  I know there's a whole world of pre-preschool stuff I could be doing, but I'm loath to get too crazy about that stuff.  Hopefully we have another year or so before that will be a major part of our lives. 

This afternoon I went around the house, figuring out where we should hang our art.  Since I'm hosting book club next, I want to make the house look a little more put-together.  And it just needs to happen, so our pictures aren't just sitting on couches and looking forlorn.  I put my Barcelona painting over the fireplace in the family room, and I like it.  It helps the stockings look less lonely.

People always comment on the typewriter, which was decoration for a long time until Benjamin starting playing with it.

I got the boots for Benjamin for the winter rainy season.  He likes wearing them in the house.

I finally bought some silver polish at the grocery store a couple days ago and today I polished some serving dishes my mom had given me ages ago.  (Again, in preparation for book club.)  And I also cleaned up a ring that I wore constantly many years ago.  I'm positive that I bought it in Columbia, probably at Handpicked (the shop for sorority girls); it's monogrammed of course.  This picture is proof that my nails are finally recovering from my relapse a month or so ago.

I can't believe it's December, and my birthday is imminent.  Thirty-two.  It's not young, but it's not old.  I have so much to be grateful for, but I keep thinking about being older and not pregnant.  Ugh.  I need to give it/everything to God and just trust His plan, whatever it may be.  But I'm really clinging to some grief or anger, or something.  I want what I want.  I think what I need is patience.  Right now.  :-)  Ok, time to wrap it up.


  1. Your nails look good. I think you need a larger watch.

    1. Thanks, Dad! I know the watch is gigantic, but I don't really notice it anymore. I think any bigger and my arm would stretch out.