Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Name, Same Game

First on the agenda, I've changed the URL for this blog to, so that it matches the title.  Hoping to make things easier.

Secondly, let me say that it's tough to root for Alabama, but I just find it impossible to pull for Georgia in the SEC championship game tonight.  I'm sad that it starts too late for us to watch it (11pm).  Also I'm very proud of the USC Gamecocks this year, we did great and there's not much better than beating Clemson for the fourth year in a row.  Go Cocks!

And back to the recap.  Wednesday I had class then ate lunch with Emily, which was really fun.  I love getting out a couple times a week and having adult conversations. 

Thursday Benjamin and I went grocery shopping, then ate lunch with Thomas at the embassy.  Emy came and babysat for a couple hours so I could get nails done with Heather and Emily.  I'm glad that I was able to get them done, since Kristin left I wasn't sure anyone would want to be my nail buddy.  And now I feel much better, with pretty nails.  A while back I bit them back down, but they're slowly growing back. 

After Benjamin woke up from his nap we went to the embassy again to play outside and met up with friends.  We ate dinner in the club, it was surf and turf night.  I got the salmon, which was pretty bad.  Too much salty sauce-stuff.  I used to cook salmon all the time, nothing fancy, just baked in the oven and served with broccoli and rice.  I'm a little suspicious of the fish here, but I just need to try some of the frozen stuff.  I think that might be safer. 

Friday we skipped church yet again, since Benjamin was sick and we didn't want to infect the other kids (and adults).  We hung out at home and let Benjamin just cough and sneeze everywhere.  I stayed up unwisely late (2:30am) reading the latest book club pick: "Gone Girl".  It was pretty good, sort of a thriller/mystery.  The ending is a little flat, but I liked it.  

Today, Saturday, Thomas let me sleep in since I was wrecked, which was fantastic.  And Benjamin slept until 9am, so that was a nice surprise.  He's still sick, snotty and crusty and pretty fussy most of the time.  Thomas gets the husband of the year award for letting me go out to see the last Twilight movie with a girlfriend tonight, and eat dinner out afterward.  We found a pretty decent Mexican place and had a good time just chatting.  Yay for girls nights. 

Now Thomas and I are watching "Friends with Kids" and chilling out.  It's been a good weekend, despite Benjamin's fussiness.  Now I need to go back through the blog and change any links I had to previous posts.  Blerg.


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