Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Post...

...From my 31-Year Old Self.

Hey there,

This week's been fun.  Monday instead of class (our teacher was sick) Laura and Emily and I met to study.  I was able to complete the homework due that day (perfect timing) and hang out with them, which was great.  We ate lunch together too, with Emily's husband.  It turned out that she had her baby that night, so I'm glad we got to chat a bit before she disappeared into the craziness of new parenthood.  I'll hopefully get to meet the baby in January, I'm a fan of the hands-off approach for the first few weeks after a friend gives birth

Tuesday I took Benjamin to the playground at the embassy in the morning so we could get out of the house and also eat lunch with Thomas afterward.  A few Christmas presents from my parents showed up, which is exciting.  Thomas hates wrapping things, but I refuse to wrap a present for myself.  So I'll end up with a garbage bag plus bow under the tree.  My birthday present came, but had been literally run over by a truck (there were tire marks on the envelope) so Thomas mailed it back to the lady to fix.  I know it'll be at least a month before we get it back, since I'm sure she's very busy with Christmas orders.  Oh well.  I get the fun of anticipation for a little while longer.

Thanks a lot, United States Postal Service.  Sigh.

So sad!  Poor ring.

Eek.  I hope she can fix it!

Today I intended to skip Arabic class and go to the women's coffee thing at the Ambassador's residence, but my hair wasn't cooperating (taking too long to dry) so I just stayed home and then ate lunch with Thomas.  It's so nice to be able to see him for lunch most days, I'm going to be super spoiled by the time we leave.

Benjamin's had a cold for about the past week, and his nose is super crusty and gross.  I've been chipping away at it and he's started saying "gunky" after I used that word to describe his nose.  Too funny.  And he knows the number 5, he'll bring me the refrigerator magnet and say "five".  I'm constantly amazed at how much he's absorbing.  He repeats a lot of what I say, which is adorable.  But I need to watch what I say in the car, I call people idiots way too often.

I've been reading "Outlander" on my Christmas present from Thomas, a Nook.  I opened it early so I could read "Gone Girl" for book club.  And I'd heard good things about it from lots of people, so I borrowed it from Arlington library's electronic lending catalog.  Yay for free stuff!  I don't know that I would pay money for it, it's a little silly but fun and the author is good at description and making you feel like you're invested in the characters.  It's a little steamier than what I typically pick to read, so be warned if you decide to read it. 

Yeah, tomorrow is my birthday.  I don't know if it's hormonal or what, but I've been a little sad recently.  And today playing with Benjamin I started thinking about turning 32 and not being pregnant, and being far from home and family, and cried a little.  (Not that I would see family on my birthday anyway, but I'm usually looking forward to Christmas and spending it with my parents.)  If we were in Arlington, Alison would babysit Benjamin and we would eat at Ray's the Steaks (which is amazing).  Not that this is worse, it's just different.  Time to suck it up.

See you on the other side,

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