Thursday, November 22, 2012


On Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for...

My husband, Thomas.  He is a great guy, and a fantastic father.  I'm very blessed.

My son, Benjamin.  When I think of how challenging it is to conceive, and having lost a baby two months ago, I'm surprised and grateful for this little miracle.  I pray continuously that God will give us more children, but I'm trying to accept what each day brings and not be so discontent.

Wearing Daddy's glasses.

My parents.  They are kind, and fun, and I'm lucky that they are a great example of a successful marriage.

My siblings.  My brother is the coolest guy to walk the planet, and my sister is the nicest person in our family.  I'm also thankful for their spouses and children.  And I'm missing them all lots today.

My in-laws.  They are loving and constantly support us in prayer.  My sister-in-law is the little sister I never had.  Incredibly blessed by them.

The chance to live overseas.  Even though Amman would have never figured on any list I would have made of places to live.  Praying for stability and calm despite trying times for the local populace, but I haven't felt unsafe here.  Hoping that continues.

Good friends here.  It's been so nice to be warmly welcomed by so many new people.

My Arabic class.  I really like my classmates, Laura and Emily.  And I'm so glad to be learning a language again.  After majoring in German, I lost most of it by not practicing.  I hope that I can spend two years working on Arabic and getting okay at it, and that I can keep it up back in VA.

Our apartment.  I love having lots of space.  The kitchen is amazing.  Having a standard size stove is the best.

The beginning of the Christmas season.  We put up the Christmas tree tonight, my parents gave us the one they used for a few years before deciding to downsize a little.  It was so magical turning on the tree lights and listening to some Sinatra carols.  I do miss being home, but it's nice to have some "normality". 

I'm glad I have a Savior who paid everything for me so I could be in a right relationship with God.  I'm grateful that I can do absolutely nothing to contribute.  I'm resting completely in His arms.

Yay!  Christmas tree!

I hope you have lots to be thankful for today.



  1. So beautiful...this made me cry! Lots of love to all of you and can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you soon!!! :) love, Priscilla

    1. Thanks, Priscilla! We're super excited to see y'all soon! :-)