Monday, November 12, 2012

Hipster Baby

I took these pictures yesterday and forgot to add them to the previous post.  The glasses are actually sunglasses (with the lenses popped out) that we got from a birthday party goody bag (thanks Gretchen!). 

Mom, I look like you!

This is what he'll look like when he's a grandpa.

You cannot resist my charms.

Who are YOU looking at?


So handsome.

Today was pretty normal, had Arabic class and lunch with Thomas, then shopped at the co-op before heading home.  I'm crossing my fingers that there will be turkeys left to buy on Wednesday.  I still need to get some green beans for the casserole, and a few other sides lined up.  For now it's just the three of us for Thanksgiving, but I'm planning to do the whole shebang in case we find people to invite before next Thursday. 

The weather here has officially turned wintery.  It's rained two days in a row (what??) and the temps are in the 60s.  Tomorrow should be sunny again and I'm so ready for it.  I've definitely gotten used to having sunshine all the time and I miss it when it leaves. 

This is a short work week, yesterday was the Veterans Day holiday and Thursday is Islamic New Year, so only three days of work.  Pretty nice.  I don't know if we'll do anything big, maybe just check out some more of Amman.  It's nice to have some hang-out time with Thomas, since he was gone all last week.  Tonight we caught up on Nashville.  I'm hoping for some more good songs, the past couple weeks haven't kept them coming. 

I'll wrap this up with today's portrait of Benjamin.

Wearing our fall outfit (cords and long sleeve T).

Check out my hair, man.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week away.  Where has the time gone?  I'm honestly heartbroken that I won't spend it with my family, that's usually the one guaranteed time we all get together.  What are y'all doing for the holiday?