Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick (like a bunny)

It's been a while, so I'll try to hit the high points.

Tuesday Benjamin and I went to the embassy to eat lunch with Thomas.  On the way out I buckled Benjamin in, then tried to start the car.  The key broke, the metal part got stuck in the ignition and the black plastic housing with the lock/unlock buttons just came apart.  Thomas was walking back in to work and I called for him to come help, so he fiddled with it and then just left to get his key from home.  While he was gone, Benjamin and I sat with the doors open because it was in the high 80s and pretty hot in the car.  Once Thomas returned, he handed off the key then walked back inside.  I turned the key, and nothing.  The battery had died.  I called Thomas again, and he magically got the car working.  After spending oodles of cash on the stupid van, this was definitely the last thing we needed.  But, new alternator it is!  (Siiiiiiiiigh.)

Wednesday (Halloween) I dressed Benjamin in his handyman costume (Carhartt overalls with Ikea toolbelt) and took him to the embassy for the buffet dinner and costume parade.  Everyone and their cousin was there, so it was hard to find a table (we ended up by the pool) and getting food took forever.  Thomas wasn't feeling great, so I ate and then Benjamin started freaking out so we had to leave before the parade.  I was really bummed, I had been looking forward to some Halloween festivities.

The only semi-decent picture I could get, it's hard to see the toolbelt.
Kristin and I were meant to meet up on Wednesday afternoon and go to a Turkish bath, where they scrub you down and it's supposed to be awesome.  Sadly her husband had been feeling poorly and ended up in the hospital for pneumonia and some other things.  Please pray for his full and speedy recovery, and for peace for their two little boys.  They are also in the process of getting ready to move back to the US, so there's another layer of stress.  Prayers all around!

As a result of the hospitalization, they were unable to host church so I volunteered our place, since we just have the one kid and therefore have less trouble getting ready for visitors.  Friday morning we had a smallish group over for the service, and the pastor administered communion.  He did two rounds so that the lady who had been helping me with the kids and I could have it too.  It had been a really long time, so it was nice to have a moment with the sacrament.  The kids did pretty well overall, and it was a great time of fellowship and hanging out.  I'm so grateful for a church family, and sweet friends.  And for talented cooks, so I can just put out veggies and dip, and they take care of the rest!  Oh and many thanks for Emy being willing to come and work this afternoon after church.  It was amazing to have the house cleaned while we rested.  What a blessing.

Tonight I finally finished the latest book club book- "What Happened to Sophie Wilder".  Kind of a downer, but interesting and has some perspective on the Catholic faith/Christianity in general.  I liked it better than "The Dog Stars", which we read last month.  I'm excited that I'm a full week ahead of schedule for reading this one.  Now I can hunt around for some more Young Adult fiction on the Arlington County website!  I may have to convince Thomas to let me get an Ereader, because reading on my phone is a bummer.  I like getting Ebooks for free from the library, but the tiny backlit screen isn't awesome.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Benjamin from a couple days ago.  Enjoy!

Ben really likes to color now, and will "ask" by pointing at the crayon box.

Short shorts!  He'll make a fine KA one day.  (Kidding!!!)

He can say purple!

He basically just draws lines right now.  But it's awesome.

This picture  Does he look like anyone from our family?  I don't know.  That's a hilarious face.

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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