Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Busy Busy

The past few days have been fairly busy, which is why it's taken me a while to get back to posting updates.  And here we go...

Friday morning we went to church and I enjoyed sitting in on the sermon this week, since last time Thomas took the turn.  (Benjamin usually needs one of us around, so we can't both sit and listen/participate.)  On the way home we stopped by the fruit guy and the grocery store so I could grab bread and some other things.  And guess what I found... evaporated milk!  In the tiny corner store!  I was so excited.

I bought two cans because I have a gigantic can of pumpkin which makes two pies.  I was thinking about also getting a frozen apple pie and making a chocolate chess pie (my all-time favorite) but I might wait on those.  It might only be three of us for Thanksgiving, which is fine, but we'll have leftovers for weeks.  Thank goodness we have the extra freezer!  I might actually use it soon.

Saturday we took it pretty easy, until Emy arrived at 7pm and we rode with Kristin and Karl out to dinner at Levant, a nice restaurant.  They serve family-style, and we had a green chopped salad thing, a very spicy carrot salad, some super-fresh bread, hummus of course, and then shawarma on a spit.  We also had freekeh with cheese, and haloumi cheese wrapped in a crunchy shell-thing.  It was all delicious and we stayed for dessert and hot tea afterward.  This was a goodbye meal of sorts for them, they left today (Monday) to head back home after a vacation stop on the way.  And Benjamin did great with being put to bed by Emy, so that's awesome.  I see many more night dates in our future...

Sunday Thomas went to work and Benjamin and I went to the Children's Museum and met Rebecca and Matthew.  It was lots of fun, except I'd forgotten my phone at home.  But we found each other eventually and had a good time.  It's amazing how on-the-go Benjamin in, I just have to run after him.  He zooms around the museum, looks at a few things, then keeps on going.  It's good for him to have space to roam, and probably good for me too.

We got home in time for lunch, which Benjamin didn't eat, then he took a nap and I made brownies in preparation for Kristin and Karl and the boys to come over.  It was their last night and since all their stuff had been shipped and packed, we thought it would be fun for the boys to play here and just get one last chance to hang out.  I picked them up around 4pm and it was great fun having the boys run around, and getting to chat with Kristin.  Thomas grilled steaks for dinner and afterward I drove them home.  I'm so bummed that they're gone, and it probably will hit me more when I want to get nails done or just have a fun playdate.  But I'm so blessed to know them, and confident we'll get to see each other again.

Monday I went to class and shopped at the co-op, as usual.  I got to rest on the couch for a while before Benjamin got up from his nap, then we played until Thomas got home.  Thankfully we had a lot of leftovers, so that made dinner super easy.  I wrote to this point in the blog and tried to add pictures, but I think Google was having issues because it was incredibly slooooooowwwwww.  So I eventually gave up before hurling my loveable MacBook Air to the ground.  Which would make me sad.

Which bring us to today, Tuesday.  Ben and I got to Spinney's pretty early, around 9:15am.  I grabbed some potatoes and other random stuff before heading back home.  After I washed some dishes and Benjamin played a bit we drove to the embassy and ran around the park a little, and saw Rebecca and Matthew again.  We hung out until Thomas came down and then we went to the cafe for lunch.  Thomas had a work hang-out in the evening so I started the Ken Burns documentary on the Shakers.  Pretty interesting so far.  I love their architecture.

My guys.

Playing with the fuzzy duck.

Check out those molars.

So handsome.

He loves this duck.

Reading "Stellaluna".

Not sure what this gesture means.

The curls are coming back!

That's it for now.  Catch ya later.

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