Saturday, March 2, 2013

March, Already?

Hello out there,

Wow, February just flew by.  I got to try a new restaurant after playgroup on Thursday this week.  I ate with a friend at Pancake House, which was delicious.  We both got chocolate chip pancakes and they were heavenly.  Benjamin and his friend Ben were really good, they ate their lunches and watched a little TV while the ladies got to chat and relax.  It was a good outing.

We hosted church Friday morning and it was pretty light, just a handful of people.  I hadn't done my usual over-preparation, so I ended up cooking while the service went on.  It was nice to see people though, and we had a good hang-out time, eating tacos and the most delicious peach enchiladas, brought by one of the ladies.  Oh my goodness, they were amazing.  And she had even canned the peaches, since most things need to be in season around here, otherwise it's not available.  Yummm.

Benjamin looking suave.

Lots to talk about.

We're looking forward to visiting SC this summer, and I'm trying to plan out our time back home.  It's tricky, three weeks sounds like a lot but you factor in days to get over jetlag and going to the beach (thanks parents!) and trying to see everyone, it will go by in a flash.  Since I won't be sharing exact dates, etc, I'll contact individuals to set up times to hang out.  I am looking forward to seeing family, and eating awesome food.  My list includes: Chickfila chicken biscuit, Monterrey's spicy queso dip, Rush's burger and Oreo shake, and Zaxby's chicken fingers.  I'm sure there's lots of other places I'll want to go, but man, just typing that makes my mouth water.  We'll miss seeing friends up in the DC area, but there's just no way we could make the drive up there.  We'll see y'all summer of 2014!  Which will totally be here before you know it.  Gulp.

We recently watched "Pitch Perfect" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower", both were pretty good.  I thought Pitch Perfect was hilarious, but I'm a sucker for singing.  I'm just so impressed by it, because I'm not talented.  And Perks was decent, but I usually enjoy the book more and they had to leave some stuff out to streamline it.  I still haven't started "Rules of Civility" and book club is in a week or so, which means I'm falling back into my procrastinating ways.

Anyone else making summer plans already?  I'm really looking forward to being back home, and I know I won't want to leave!


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