Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hi there,

Yet again I've fallen down on my blogging duties.  We've been doing our normal stuff, and I've gotten to have a couple fun girls nights, so it's been a good couple weeks. 

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for Benjamin's friend Matthew, who turned three.  It was at a kid's gym, and was really fun.  Sadly Benjamin had just started a runny nose and was pretty fussy.  He got distracted a little with the ball pit and slides and we tried to participate in the songs and group stuff, but he started losing it before the snack and cake time.  Matthew's mom kindly sent us home with an amazing goody box and a cupcake.  Benjamin was very hesitant about the cupcake, even after I cut it up for him, so I ended up enjoying it.  But he loves the play-doh and bouncy ball and other fun toys, and it was definitely a fun outing.

Matthew's mom, Rebecca, kindly took this photo during a playdate at a park nearby.  Benjamin's having fun, I promise.

Last Thursday I met up with Emily to get nails done, which was awesome since I hadn't been in ages.  I desperately needed that pedicure, and it's always fun to hang out and catch up a little.  I also had book club last Tuesday night, there was a huge group of ladies which was fun.  We had read "The Cookbook Collector" which we all deemed passable, but nowhere near the level of Jane Austen, to whom the author had been compared.  Lady, get serious.  If someone makes that connection, you just say how ridiculous that is because Jane Austen is in the canon and you are a medium-talent writer with no hopes of your work lasting for over a hundred years.  (I was not impressed.)  Our next title is "Rules of Civility" which sounds promising.

Benjamin enjoys playing with his new puzzle.

Thursday night this week was really nice, I got nails done with a girlfriend after she finished work and then we ate dinner out at a fun restaurant, the Blue Fig.  I'd heard it was good, and I loved it.  A little smokey for my taste (this is Jordan, so oh well) but the food was great.  I got pesto pasta, and even though it was simple it was delicious.  And it was fun to be out of the house after dark.  (Yes, I'm that much of a homebody.) 

Last week and this one I finally made it to the toddler playgroup at the British Embassy.  It's really fun and more low-key than when I visited the American one back in August.  We may try that one again sometime, but the British one works better for our schedule at this point.  I've met up with two other girls I know from book club, and we've done lunch afterward both times.  I hope it's a trend, because it's so nice to get out of the house, and socialize.  Being around lots of other kids is good for Benjamin, but he's still shy.  One particular little boy was very grabby and taking all these push toys, and Benjamin didn't fuss when he took his toy, he just watched him.  I'm glad he's good at sharing, at least so far.

He loves to read books about the potty, and sits on it occasionally.  Slow and steady is our motto at this point.

I think those are all the highlights from the past couple weeks.  I can't believe it's almost the end of February, time is really flying by.  I hope everyone is doing well!


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