Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Tidbits

Hey guys,

Yeah, it's been a while.  Life is just sort of chugging along, we're doing our normal routine.  Playdates a couple days a week, my Arabic classes continue, just the usual.  So here are a few highlights:

-Benjamin is talking up a storm and is pretty intelligible.  Although we aren't sure where he got this gem: "Go, go power rangers!"  He'll say it at random times and it's hilarious, but I'm positive he's never seen the show so it's a mystery.

-We went to a birthday party recently, which was lots of fun.  It was at J'imagine, a French kids space with a toddler room (toys and books), a water room with a waist-high pool for floaty toys, and dress up supplies and lots of other fun stuff.  It was a good couple hours, and Benjamin got to see lots of kids.

-We've almost nailed down our dates for visiting home this summer.  I'm super excited and even though the flights and jetlag will suck beyond imagining, it will be awesome to take Benjamin around and hopefully he'll enjoy what "normal" life is like.  It's looking like Columbia-Greenville-Myrtle Beach-Charleston-Aiken. 

-On a somewhat related note, I got a new case for my phone.  The old Otterbox had split a corner, and I thought something different would be nice.  I'm holding tight to my South Carolina roots here.

-I finally uploaded the few pictures I took of the Citadel while Clay was in town.  Was that two months ago?  Yowza.

The view from the Citadel of neighboring hills.  Amman is super hilly.

Roman ruins.

Part of what must have been an enormous statue.

-My brother is coming to visit next month and I can't wait!  Hopefully we can do some sightseeing, assuming Thomas doesn't get called out of town.  Hooray for family visits!

That's all I can think of at the moment.  I'll attempt to do another post before the end of the month.  I like to keep expectations low.