Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas in Paris Part 2


Tuesday was Christmas day, we ate breakfast and then went to Priscilla and Trevor's to open presents.  I'd brought a few of Benjamin's gifts from my parents for him to open.  (We'd done some presents earlier in the month too, so that he wouldn't be overwhelmed.) 

Priscilla and Trevor's Christmas tree.  It was so nice to be festive!

Priscilla making tea and coffee in their kitchen.

Trevor at work.

Benjamin making friends with the koala puppet.

Present opening!

Thanks for the dinos, Mimi and Papa!

Priscilla was excited about pumpkin.

Yay for more trains!  Thanks, Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Trevor!

A sweet moment after Benjamin ate four clementines.

Dinos can play with the train, too.

Priscilla and Trevor came over to Valerie's in the afternoon and Priscilla made a gigantic turkey dinner, complete with sweet potato casserole and stuffing, and lots more.  It was very homey and nice.  Benjamin took a good nap and that evening we watched one of Trevor's gifts, "The Iron Lady".  I didn't expect much, but I enjoyed it.

The trains are very popular.

I'm chatting with my family back in SC, thanks to Valerie's VOIP free calling.

Priscilla works her magic in the kitchen.

Bonding time with Uncle Trevor.

Benjamin tried to talk with Mimi and Papa.

Relaxing on the couch, where we hung out for the week when we weren't walking around.

Getting ready for delicious food.

I thought I could squeeze all the recaps into three posts, but I'm afraid it's going to run longer than that.  Bear with me!



  1. Great post and very good pix! The secretary in Valerie's apartment looks similar to the one we had and gave to Joel.

    1. Thanks, Dad! It was similar, maybe not as tall though. It helped make it seem more like home.

  2. I love all the Christmas morning photos (with Benjamin playing with the tree and the train set!), and thank you to everyone for your patience with the meal that took a long time to prepare! We loved every minute of sharing our first Christmas with you. Maybe next time we'll be more organized and have stockings...;). Love to you all!!!


    1. It was so fun! You did an awesome job hosting us! :-)